GSA Search Engine Ranker


Automatically Create Backlinks To Your Website.


Automatically Create Backlinks To Your Website.

With GSA Search Engine Ranker you will never have to care about backlinks ever again. The software builds backlinks for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Unlike other SEO tools, it doesn’t require a database of prescreened websites to leave backlinks. After your project is configured, GSA SER will automatically locates new websites for you, registers accounts and submit your content/links without any intervention on your end.

After you pay, contact me to install. Thank you!

13.93 - fix: some issues on two indexing APIs
      - new: captcha statistics splitted into today/all time
13.92 - fix: small indexer issues
13.91 - new: new indexing services added
      - new: option to send urls delayed to indexer/ping services
      - new: improved indexer configuration
13.90 - fix: minor issues      
13.89 - fix: a 307 redirect issue on http protocol
      - new: added some new captcha services
      - new: updated some captcha services with recaptchav2 support
13.88 - fix: recaptcha v3 detection
13.87 - fix: custom engine in appfolder where not showing in some places
      - new: macros %random_paragraph-...% and %random_sentence-...%
      - new: option to filter entries in a file against global blacklist
      - fix: bug when defined emails are lost on engine (de)selection
      - new: ability to set a custom format for account export
      - new: improved some engines
      - new: ability to import keywords and split them amoung projects
      - fix: one global option change was unsaved
      - new: detection of recaptchav3
13.86 - new: new proxy sources added
      - new: ability to check temp/disposible email accounts in project settings
      - new: improved statistics/charts
13.85 - new: improved some captcha services
      - new: some minor script issues fixed
      - new: improved re-verification in GUI
13.84 - new: added 16 new url shortener engines
13.83 - new: added about 10 new URL shorteners
      - new: ability to split account import amoung selected projects
13.82 - new: added new proxy sources
      - new: added 6 new URL shorteners
13.81 - new: added 14 new URL shorteners
      - fix: some more translation issues
      - new: more account export options added
13.80 - fix: issue with translation of short terms/words
      - new: added a new captcha service (CapMonste Cloud)
13.79 - new: improved script engine in terms of speed and functionality
      - fix: translation issues
13.78 - new: improved some macros
      - new: ability to skip proxy usage for certain domains by using 
             proxy_skip_domain.dat in appdata folder
      - new: ability to import remaining target urls from other projects
      - fix: minor encoding issue on translation
13.77 - new: added 4 new URL Shorteners engines
      - fix: minor issues in script language when using a fixed referrer
      - fix: bug in translate function
13.76 - fix: some problems with wordpress xmlrpc posting
      - fix: title change on article manager
13.75 - fix: some global proxy settings where not saved (please recheck)
13.74 - new: improved debug logging again
      - new: detection of false data for target imports
13.73 - new: improved debug logging
      - fix: issue when importing big target files to many projects while splitting the data
13.72 - fix: google translation api fixes
13.71 - new: improved scrip engine
      - new: improved log output
      - new: improved some engines
      - fix: http parsing issue with unknown transfer method
      - new: improved merge of projects
13.70 - new: updated many engines
13.69 - fix: imported target URLs above 4gb where trunced
      - new: improved speed when saving project
      - new: improved debug output
      - fix: bug when mixing and shorten articles
13.68 - new: updated some engines
13.67 - fix: minor email verification bug
13.66 - fix: cookies got handled in a wrong way for some strange requests
      - new: improved email verification
13.65 - new: improved some engines
      - fix: death by captcha socks-api does not allow recaptcha solving
      - fix: article preview was using a generated title with mix-article option
      - fix: URLs with more than one parameter got sometimes cut in certain 
             engines when being submitted
13.64 - new: improved speed for site list identification
      - new: improved speed of de-duping files
      - new: added a new URL shortener (thanks to forum member Rodrigez)
      - new: updated search engines
      - new: ability to start scheduler with previous selection of projects
13.63 - new: improved wordpress xmlrpc posting
      - fix: bug with article usage counting
      - fix: paragraph mixing improved
13.62 - fix: ImageTyperz API
      - new: improved some engines
      - fix: possible freez bug on link extracttion (connected with high cpu load)
      - new: improved speed a bit
13.61 - fix: yandex protocol change
13.60 - new: improved contant search (images/videos/articles)
      - new: improved spinning/article mixing
13.59 - new: improved memory manager again
13.58 - fix: issue when using ctrl+v/c on url edit dialog
      - new: update of internal memory manager which should drastically improve speed
13.57 - new: popup menu for new url edit dialogs
      - fix: issue with aborting ssl sockets
13.56 - new: improved some engines
13.55 - new: update on ssl socks
      - new: article preview in Mix-Mode
      - fix: mixing of sentences
      - new: meta-tag for robots is checked when extracting links (dofollow/nofollow)
13.54 - fix: minor issue with url inserts in open tags
      - fix: custom url edit was inserting line feeds
13.53 - fix: possible fix on site key extraction       
13.52 - new: improved captcha service option dialog
      - new: added a new url shortener engine
      - new: added new captcha services/tools (CapMonster)
13.51 - fix: critical bug when saving articles
13.50 - new: detection of article export from external program while editing project
      - new: url variations for authority links are not applied by default
      - fix: importing emails with login not provided and gmail-dot trick
13.49 - new: added a new URL Shortener engine
      - new: improved recaptcha key extraction
13.48 - fix: proxy testing issue with https
      - new: improved macro usage in custom authorithy url insert
13.47 - new: improved BuddyPress engine
13.46 - new: added a new social bookmarking engine
      - fix: solvemedia captcha system
13.45 - new: improved a lot engines
      - new: move projects to group does no longer hide them
13.44 - new: improved captcha processing
      - new: PR-? on captcha service filter will be handled as PR-0
      - fix: gmail-dot-trick was causing emails not to get parsed when being the only account
      - new: improved some engines
13.43 - new: improved php link directory engine
      - fix: minor skin issues
13.42 - new: improved pligg engine
      - fix: solvemedia captcha issue with user agent
13.41 - fix: trial instantly expired
      - new: captcha setup improved
      - new: some engines improved
13.40 - new: improved captcha service usage (more details on errors)
      - new: speed for captcha services improved
13.39 - fix: loop bug on recaptcha solve
13.38 - new: improved google site key extraction
13.37 - new: improved captcha services with IP behaviour
13.36 - fix: manual input for captchas was disabled
13.35 - new: improved captcha solving time again
      - fix: minor issues with captcha services not replying correctly
13.33 - new: improved captcha solving time
      - new: reset of captcha stats on by right click on status bar
      - new: improved project listing (no expant/close on double click, better repaint)
13.32 - fix: some more/minor issues on new captcha setup (sorry)
13.31 - fix: some issues with new captcha solving settings
13.30 - fix: minor issue on manual captcha input
13.29 - new: option to bypass host redirects for captcha services (off by default)
13.28 - new: improved captcha system
      - new: better captcha statistics
      - new: a lot new captcha services added
      - fix: some spell errors
13.27 - new: improved some engines
      - new: improved memory usage of create sitemap/rss feed procedures
      - fix: reverification issues
13.26 - fix: minor issues on %tag% macro usage for preview
      - fix: proxy filter for types was sometimes not used
13.25 - fix: several fixes on script engine related to serengine-hybrid scripts and recaptcha
13.24 - new: improved script engine
      - fix: minor issue on script engine fixed related with json encoding and "post data"
      - new: Crawl URLs allows parsing of sitemaps
      - new: added recaptchav2 support for
      - new: improved auto solve of math captchas
      - fix: applying templates to a tier project will not remove the tier settings
      - new: improved default content
13.23 - new: improved generic anchor text placement
      - new: macro %domain_as_name% which will try to make a meaningful name from the 
             domain of the submitting website
13.22 - fix: another bugs on AntiGate New-API with IP (normal captchas only)
13.21 - fix: minor bugs on AntiGate New-API with IP
13.20 - new: improved captcha solving (recaptcha APIs updated)
13.19 - new: ability to define what proxy types to test on
      - fix: mix articles was partly broken
      - new: added many new proxy sources
13.18 - fix: url with @ in path caused domain verification issues
13.17 - fix: minor issue with warning of now using search engines when engine does not even use search terms
      - fix: minor issue with scheduled posting options
      - new: speed improved
      - new: verification improved
      - new: ability to use proxies on "Crawl URLs" dialog
13.16 - fix: after registration, login+submission was performed even though time between them was
             set to a certain wait time of range
13.15 - new: email engines updated
      - new: scripts updated
13.14 - fix: issue with mixing paragraphs in article manager
13.13 - fix: merge of projects will no longer hold duplicate verified/success URLs
      - new: query popups are now centered based on the owners form
13.12 - fix: macro %random_articlemix<nr>% could produce wrong utf8 encoding
13.11 - fix: web20indexer changed api
13.10 - new: added a new indexing service (
13.09 - new: optimized email usage during submission
      - fix: google translate proxy text fixed
13.08 - fix: minor captcha service issues
      - fix: issue with macro in anchor_text and extra-submission step
      - new: updated some engines
13.07 - new: ability to sort emails in project settings
      - new: ability to checl/select emails by mask
      - fix: minor issue on article sorting
      - fix: minor issues on captcha processing
13.06 - fix: bug when importing URLs as source in project data
      - fix: minor issues on captcha services
      - new: re-verification in running project is done in random order
13.05 - fix: minor issue with anchor test macros using %url%
      - new: some minor gui improvements
13.04 - new: JForum added as engine (thanks to forum user sashilover)
      - fix: wrong error message for recaptcha-v2+ services was displayed
13.03 - new: YandexTIC API updated
13.02 - new: improved placement of link in article for random location (better read flow)
13.01 - new: improved article import
      - new: skipping of not required warnings on project edit
13.00 - fix: minor issue on proxy testing
      - new: added many new proxy sources for the scraper
      - fix: minor issue on script language
      - new: improved some internal functions which should result in better speed
12.99 - new: engines added
12.98 - fix: minor issue on popup menu for email accounts
12.97 - new: improved speed on site list processing
12.96 - fix: the proxy test "google (translate)" was broken
      - fix: form resize issues
12.95 - new: less cpu usage
12.94 - fix: resize issues
      - fix: minor re-verify issue when proxies where used
      - new: improved detection of dead accounts
12.93 - new: updated ip to country data
      - fix: small gui fixes
      - new: auto change from minutes to days/hours on project settings when possible
      - new: improved proxy setup and sources
12.92 - fix: combine articles with article builder api was not working
12.91 - new: minor issue on article builder api
12.90 - new: article builder api to allow article combination
12.89 - fix: transparent proxies might have get used in a tine time frame from adding to deleting
12.88 - new: improved ultra-spinnable-articles support
      - new: improved aticleforge support
      - new: improved aticlebuilder support
      - new: improved bigcontentsearch support
12.87 - fix: proxy test right after adding proxies manually failed
12.86 - new: improved proxy scraper settings
12.85 - fix: issue with article dupe checking
12.84 - new: many engines updated
      - new: submission speed improved
      - new: http headers look more as coming from real browsers
      - fix: minor issue on death by captcha api
      - new: improved wordpress engine
12.83 - fix: minor issue with article macros
      - new: improved custom captcha setting gui
      - fix: recaptchav2 solving issues
12.82 - new: improved engines
      - new: recaptchav2 support on imagetyperz
      - new: recaptchav2 support on ripcaptcha
12.81 - new: dropbox/googledrive auto-fix of conflict files in site lists
      - new: improved some engines
12.80 - fix: minor issue with macro #file_links and the SP, LP and NP parameters
      - new: script engine improved
12.79 - fix: issue with spinrewriter
12.78 - fix: recaptchav2 was broken for some engines
12.77 - fix: service was not accessed correctly
      - new: extendet script language
12.76 - fix: antigate api fixed
      - new: some forum engines improved
12.75 - new: added antigate-new api access
      - fix: issue with web2.0 creations
      - new: forum engines updated
12.74 - fix: minor issue with antigates recaptchav2 solver
      - fix: issue in footprint studio when identifying engines
      - fix: skip hard captcha solving was ignored for recaptchav2
      - new: improved recaptcha solving
12.73 - new: improved thread handling
      - new: added support for recaptvha v2 api on antigate
12.72 - new: improved memory/cpu usage
      - new: faster submission
      - fix: minor issue on growing target url cache
      - new: improved some engines
12.71 - new: improved recaptchav2 detection
12.70 - fix: issue with threads that could cause a lot cpu usage in some situations
      - new: speed improved
      - fix: preview of article with "no link/remove link" was not shown correctly
             it however worked fine on real submissions
12.69 - new: improved some engines
      - new: changes in script langauge for %original_tagrturl%
      - fix: possible fix on none account engines and duplicate submissions
      - new: proxy sources updated
12.68 - new: improved speed for conversion/download
12.67 - new: improved speed on submission a bit
      - fix: minor issues with script engine
12.66 - new: improved i/o operations
      - new: improved char-conversion
12.65 - new: improved thread management
12.64 - fix: small memory leak when starting/stopping projects
      - fix: options->advanced->tools->merge was not working
12.63 - new: improved memory/cpu usage
      - new: improved recaptchav2 api for humancoder service
12.62 - new: update on serengine api
      - new: added another recaptchav2 provider
      - new: improved re-verification
      - fix: some proxy settings have not been saved
      - new: added SEO Content Machine API (spinning, article generation)
      - fix: recaptcha resolve fails didn't use a different proxy on next try
12.61 - fix: issue with recaptchav2 api and "Human Coder" as captcha service
12.60 - new: thread usage improved
12.59 - new: improved speed / less cpu usage
12.58 - new: some engines updated
12.57 - new: less cpu usage
      - new: way faster form extraction/submission due to internal tweaks
12.56 - new: proxies and user agents (more unique, less detectable by google recaptcha)
12.55 - new: ability to crawl for anchors for project URLs
12.54 - fix: small bug from previous release with recaptcha-image loading and proxies (sorry) 
12.53 - new: added recaptchav2 api for Human Coder
      - new: country/language detection improved
      - new: ability to reset config to it's default settings
      - new: new engine added and some fixed
12.52 - fix: dbc captcha service with socks-api was taking too long 
12.51 - fix: random freez/exception from last build
      - fix: minor issues in some captcha services
12.50 - new: more details about captcha services and the stats
12.49 - new: improved speed of email checking in project editor
12.48 - fix: #file and %file% macro didn't use any user agent when downloading content from an URL
      - new: improved shutdown time of threads
12.47 - fix: captcha timeout was calculated wrong
      - new: more macros (%main_anchor_text% and %main_url% use the same anchor/url as first link)
      - new: improved preview
12.46 - new: ability to set a captcha timeout for services
      - fix: the option "skip hard captchas" was ignored for recaptchav2 solving
      - new: improved import/export procedure
12.45 - fix: another small issue in antigate captcha solving with ip
      - new: increased timeout of recaptchav2 solving
12.44 - fix: captcha services with anything else but port 80 didn't work correctly
12.43 - new: improved json encoding (script engine extendet)
      - new: added a new recaptcha solver -
12.42 - fix: thesaurus links fixed
      - new: improved some engine processing
      - new: better proxy sources
12.41 - new: improved log output
      - new: improved speed a bit with site lists
12.40 - fix: issue with MixArticle by sentence and just one article added
12.39 - new: improved speed
      - fix: false positive Indexer links (domain in login/password part before @)
      - fix: small issue with as text captcha service
12.38 - fix: issue with captcha services (error messages/logging improved)
12.37 - new: added new question/text solver -
      - new: file form submission is using a random file name now (not the one on hd) based on keywords
      - fix: URL with no link-articles did not reverify correctly
12.36 - new: added a new "hot to link" type for article manager
      - fix: minor issue on redirect detection
12.35 - fix: #spin/#nospin was not working if just internal spinner was used
      - new: macro #trans_<input-language>_<output-language> was added since autodetection of the 
             input language sometimes failed
12.34 - fix: issue when testing connect/socks proxies against https sites
12.33 - new: frame/iframe detection improved
12.32 - new: many engine script errors fixed (thanks to our forum member andrzejek)
      - new: ability to add prefix/postfix to article titles
      - new: improved ssl handling
      - fix: another bug with SocalSER engines -
      - fix: some engines fixes
12.31 - fix: issue with account export from project edit
      - fix: the mix articles function was expecting too short paragraphs to get mixed in some cases
      - fix: issue when using MixArticles with articles having styling html tags in it
      - new: proper display of some macros in preview/test
12.30 - fix: issue with "insert additinal links" + anchors set with commas
      - new: ability to automatically export project links in csv format
      - new: improved translation apis
12.29 - new: ability to check/filter URLs by keywords being in title AND description
      - fix: check spintax in article manager didn't work
      - new: improved speed on html conversion
12.28 - fix: minor internal fixes with a/v
12.27 - new: improved performance and speed
12.26 - new: improved submission speed
12.25 - fix: macro usage of %url_domain% and %url_host% produced wrong behaviour in some variations
      - new: improved speed
12.24 - new: updated some engines
      - new: counter of selected engines in project editor
      - new: ability to change article tiles on batch
12.23 - new: improved lookup for best suitable article for url/anchor
12.22 - new: added a lot new proxy scraper sources
      - new: improved proxy scraper
      - new: test button for indexing services
      - new: improved cpu usage a bit again
      - new: improved some engines
      - fix: minor issue in script language
12.21 - new: less cpu usage
      - new: some engines improved
      - new: internal functions improved on speed
12.20 - new: improved wordpress engine
12.19 - new: import account data from other projects in popup menu
      - new: a lot engines improved
      - new: less cpu usage
12.18 - new: improved some engines
      - fix: minor issue in script language
12.17 - new: added "Wordpress XMLRPC" which will use the xml-rpc protocol to post to a blog
      - new: improved "Wordpress - Article" engine to fall back using the xml rpc protocol just in case
      - new: improved joomla k2 engine
      - new: improved script engine
12.16 - fix: issue with some article import formats
12.15 - new: auto-correcting encoding when importing articles
      - new: better logging options (filter by mask)
      - new: improved submission speed
      - new: some engines improved
      - new: added recaptcha 2/nocaptcha support for death by captcha api
      - new: extendet script language
      - fix: import of anchor texts was adding blank lines
      - new: detection for bad encoding in utf8 format
      - fix: minor issues on html variation inserts
12.14 - new: improved scheduler
12.13 - new: several fixes on script engine
12.12 - new: improved script engine (minor bug fixes as well)
      - new: option to filter site lists (advanced options->tools->manage site lsits->filter)
12.11 - new: improved internal script engine
      - new: lesss memory/cpu usage
12.10 - new: improved email verification
      - fix: links have been sent to indexing services who where not enabled
      - new: import email accounts from other projects
12.09 - new: imported accounts will automatically be randomized
      - new: improved ArticleForge integration
      - new: improved memory manager
      - fix: minor issue on global blacklist with www.* domains
      - fix: minor issues on webspell engine (some sites do not understand https as link)
      - new: auto detection of cutting first sentence from article in case the macro 
             %first_sentence% is used for title
      - new: improved link placement (no link in <h> tags as it looks suspicious)
12.08 - new: improved email link extraction
12.07 - new: less memory usage
12.06 - new: improved proxy handling
12.05 - new: same proxy is used on email link parsing that was used on submission
      - fix: minor issues on register step when using proxies
12.04 - new: some more changes on serengine api
      - new: tier filter option "Verified URL must match"
      - new: import/export of account data with PR (when present)
      - new: updated user agents
12.03 - fix: another proxy related bug fixed
12.02 - fix: minor proxy related issues on serengine
12.01 - fix: a new project's group name was sometimes not used
      - new: it is tried to use the same proxy for one account
12.00 - fix: resubmission of web2.0 engines on first fail without retry option set was resulting 
             in no further submission     
      - fix: issue with domain/url filter
11.99 - fix: major issue with serengine (sorry)
11.98 - new: some internal script commands added
      - new: improved serengine api
      - new: updated some engine scripts
      - fix: lower threads on high mem/cpu uage was not working correctly with serengine api
11.97 - fix: article mixing produces wrong unicode chars
      - new: updated proxy sources
11.96 - new: added/improved serengine script commands
      - fix: another translate on urls/images bug fixed
      - fix: custom captcha setup for projects and the PR setting was not saved correctly
11.95 - new: many things for serengine api improved
      - new: improved speed for many internal functions
      - fix: translation could have broken urls as words in them could have been translated as well
      - new: some engines improved
11.94 - new: improved char spinning with more variations and odd looking variations removed
      - new: memory and cpu usage from serengines is now recognised
11.93 - fix: minor issues with some xr-macros
      - new: improved speed for some internal functions
      - new: several update issues for serengines
      - new: support for site lists import of files being in unoicode format
11.92 - new: improved serengines2 api
      - new: added Captcha Decoder as new captcha solver -  
      - new: more accurate bandwidth tracking
11.91 - new: improved unicode handling
      - fix: minor issue when saving left target URLs who previously have been imported with accounts
      - new: improved html extraction
11.90 - fix: minor issue with encoding of utf8 characters when asking question
11.89 - fix: export of footprints from selected engines was exporting for all
      - new: some engines improved
11.88 - fix: minor issue on recaptcha v2 solving
      - new: improved verification/import of external URLs
11.87 - new: solving of ReCaptchaV2 when using 2captcha/rucaptcha as service
11.86 - fix: minor issues on project->auto fill with more than one article in import file
11.85 - new: improved script engine
      - new: Drupal engine improved/fixed
11.84 - new: minor improves to script engine
      - new: improved YandexTIC metric
11.83 - fix: custom re-verify option was ignored and it was only performed every 24h
      - new: improved drupal engine
11.82 - fix: provider fixes
      - new: added a new referer engine
      - new: added a new indexing service -
11.81 - new: improved some engines
      - new: better check for duplicates
11.80 - fix: minor bugs fixed
      - new: support for NoCaptcha using serengines v2 api
11.79 - new: added two new Guestbook engines
      - fix: minor bug in script engine with the captcha skipping
      - fix: selection of proxy sites was not loaded correctly
      - fix: encoding detection for soem websites was wrong
11.78 - fix: minor issues in script engine
      - new: ability to export footprints of selected engines in a project by popup menu
      - new: internal function speed with search/replace improved
11.77 - new: improved speed for loading/selecting URLs in "Show xyz URLs" dialog
      - fix: minor issues on script engine
11.76 - fix: issue with "Show xyz URLs" dialog being slow on any kind of response
      - fix: minor issue in script language
11.75 - fix: reverify from gui was terribly slow since 11.73
11.74 - fix: script language speed improved
11.73 - fix: issue when editing projects with utf8 encoded anchor texts added to URLs
      - new: verification of URLs is randomized to not stress sites with too much load
11.72 - new: some engines fixed
      - new: another fix for Joomla K2
      - fix: poper utf8 encoding on custom query
11.71 - new: improved script language to allow more variations of an URL to verify
      - new: improved Jomla K2 engine
      - new: updated default proxy sources
      - new: improved translation
11.70 - fix: minor issues on custom image/video/authority URLs pasted from linux/mac formated texts
11.69 - new: support of ip:port:login:password format when parsing online proxy resources
      - new: machro %anchor<number>% will wrok even if no url#anchor syntax is used
      - fix: problem in two engines fixed
11.68 - fix: bug on importing account data to selected projects (was importing to all 
             below first selected)
      - fix: issue with account data being lost on a failed reverify
11.67 - fix: captcha service "AntiGate API with IP" was not performing a correct balance test
      - fix: preview issues when using %keyword% %random_anchor_text% macros
11.66 - fix: issue with 100% generixc anchor usage and option to use main anchor with it
      - fix: minor issues on random-article scraping
11.65 - fix: translate api changed and was fixed
      - fix: strange menu poup on start fix
11.64 - fix: minor bug in custom captcha setup
11.63 - fix: bug with deleting email messages in project options
11.62 - fix: bug with custom captcha setup and "hard to solve captchas" setting
      - new: using a captcha solve cache to lower captcha service costs
11.61 - new: improved langauge detection
      - new: updated internal list of accepted tld's
      - fix: minor problem with %spinfolderdelete% macro
      - fix: suggested email import count is lowered by 1 to not import same email to more than 
             one project
11.60 - new: finally added support death-by-captcha-socket api (auto changed from post to socket api 
             on current configs, but you can always switch back to post api)
11.59 - fix: some engines improved
      - new: improved cookie handling speed
11.58 - fix: re-verification in "show verified urls" was verifying on domain level
      - new: improved webform extracttion
      - fix: minor bug on link extraction
11.57 - new: improved speed for PR and index checking
      - fix: indexcheck on google was wrong
11.56 - fix: some form filling bugs
      - new: improved submission speed a bit
      - new: DotNetNuke is now submitting articles in profile (same way as Joomla K2)
11.55 - new: native support for unicode/scrapebox files as target url import
11.54 - fix: minor issues on serengines addon
      - new: updated and improved all public proxy sources
11.53 - new: added two new guestbook engines
      - new: added a search + highlight popup menu for the memo-window (useful for debug mode)
      - fix: indexer configuration per project was not always working
      - new: improved some engines
      - fix: minor utf8 detection issue
11.52 - fix: minor script issues
11.50 - new: added new orc/text captcha service (
      - new: ability to set number of threads for specific hours per day in scheduler
11.49 - fix: minor issues on submission part
      - inf: HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017! :)
11.48 - new: minor speed improves on internal script language
11.47 - new: ability to set all captcha options on project level (click on the on option till 
             you read "Ask user/services in custom order")
11.46 - new: improved cpu/memory usage
11.45 - fix: some gui dialog was misplaced
      - fix: issue with serengines 2.0
11.44 - fix: links for thesaurus import
      - new: minor issues in script engine
11.43 - fix: minor issue with important messages from last update
11.42 - new: warning on low disk space in important messages
      - fix: issue with macros using network pathes as \\blah\...
11.41 - new: improved rss-feed/sitemap extraction
      - new: improved recaptcha handling
11.40 - new: updated internal warnings and GUI to avoid misconfiguration
      - fix: minor issues on new option "save successfully solved captchas"
11.39 - new: improved GUI for captcha options
      - new: option to save successfully solved captchas
11.38 - fix: minor bug on domain filters for search requests
      - new: ability to set proxy usage per custom search engine 
11.37 - new: replace project option "Continuously try to post to a site even if failed before"
             with "Retry to submit to previously failed submitted sites XX times"
      - new: selected URLs are shown in "Show URLs" dialog
      - new: minor improvements in memory management
11.36 - new: added as new captcha service
      - fix: bug when searching with ""
      - new: search engine added (
      - fix: minor issues on test/preview display
      - new: yahoo search engine advanced parameters improved
      - new: minor serengine 2.0 changes
11.35 - new: improved index check
      - fix: issue with anchor text in body being different as in title
      - fix: minor issue on redirect headers in http protocol
      - fix: adding footprints in scraper was using utf8 encoding where it shouldn not
      - fix: images are inserted without extra line breaks
11.34 - fix: issue with too many registrations for scheduled posting
11.33 - fix: some minor issues with account creation fixed
      - new: some more reverified_failed are saved
11.32 - new: internal changes for serengines addon
      - fix: minor fix for some VPS systems with inaccurate timings
11.31 - fix: gui issues for new scheduled posting options
11.30 - new: macro %project_name%
      - new: improved macro usage in test/preview
      - new: wordpress engine allows category/tag submission
      - new: specify a range of min/max of minutes between posts/registration of accounts
11.29 - new: Web2.0 Indexer added -
      - new: cleanup on not working captcha/indexing services
      - new: improved first_paragraph macro which will search for <p></p> tags
      - fix: some macros fixed that use recursive syntaxfor file pathes
11.28 - new: some more work on disposible email addresses
      - new: internal speed for some functions improved
      - new: better mouse over hint for tier projects
      - fix: minor gui fixes
      - new: improved some engines
      - fix: small issues with serengine2.0 addon
11.27 - new: added a lot new disposible email accounts
      - fix: minor issues on script engine
      - new: improved some engines
11.26 - fix: major bug in last release sorry!
11.25 - fix: another small issue with unicode macro usage
      - new: more work for serengines2.0
11.24 - fix: minor bug when using macros recusively
      - new: ability to specify more index-check parameters
11.23 - new: more work on serengines 2.0 support
      - new: improved macro usage to support unicode file names
      - fix: fixed some engines
11.22 - new: internal changes for SEREngines v2.0
      - fix: major issue with https sites on low chipher usage
11.21 - new: SER checks your proxy setup on startup and notice you about misconfigurations
      - new: added a new indexing service -
11.20 - new: many internal changes for SEREngines 2.0
      - fix: bug with "merge project" and wrong verified/success display
11.19 - new: ability to specify the type of proxies to be used for indexed-checking
11.18 - fix: minor bug on new function to get target urls from verified urls
      - fix: RankIndexing service was labeled wrong
11.17 - new: added RankIndexer as new indexing service -
11.16 - new: updated proxy sources
      - new: some more changes for upcoming SEREngines v2.0
      - fix: minor issue with ip to country resolving
11.15 - fix: bug with moving projects to groups
11.14 - new: "SEREngines v2.0 Beta (almost there)"
11.13 - new: projects get loaded a lot faster
11.12 - fix: minor bugs on internal functions
      - new: serengines 2.0 should be stable now (still testing)
      - new: language detection on unicode improved
11.11 - new: added one German Guestbook engines
      - fix: minor issue when sending utf-8 encoded content to none utf-8 accepting websites
11.10 - new: added two new Guestbook engines
11.09 - fix: minor issue on fastindexerpro api (cosmetic)
11.08 - new: improved some engines
      - new: added fastindexerpro as new indexing service
11.07 - fix: issue with %url% macro fixed which would have inserted same data when used several times
      - fix: bug with re-verify from "show verified urls" dialog when using proxies
11.06 - fix: minor bug in manual verification
11.05 - new: improved verification of external imported sites
      - fix: minor issues on GUI/script engine
11.04 - new: some engines improved
      - fix: minor bug on project filters where a ";" was used
      - new: improved parsing speed
11.03 - new: improved internal functions a bit for speed
11.02 - new: improved speed on verification
      - new: added two new engines
      - new: improved reverify status (especially for redirect engines)
11.01 - fix: ArticleForge API (needs bigger timeout)
11.00 - new: improved reverify a bit
      - new: internal changes in script language to support javascript soon
      - fix: minor issues
10.99 - new: improved content_search.dat (used for article/image/video search)
10.98 - new: option to remove urls from site lists based on a blacklist file
      - new: improved re-verify mode for projects
10.97 - fix: one memory leak when using text captcha services
10.96 - new: improved reverification
10.95 - new: function to remove certain things from selected projects
      - fix: issue with same email account used on several projects
      - fix: other small issues on verify dialog
      - new: improved some engines
10.94 - new: minor speed improve on proxy handling
10.93 - new: improvements to import of data
      - new: added support for -
10.92 - fix: data import was broken for none main anchor texts
      - fix: translate was broken
      - new: improved submission speed a bit
10.91 - fix: spinner apis fixed
      - new: improved content search
10.90 - new: added a new web 2.0 engine done by the forum member content32
      - fix: minor menual re-verification bug 
      - fix: minor wordAI API fix
10.89 - new: updates on text captcha apis
      - new: option for tier projects to skip none indexable verified urls
10.88 - fix: small fix on strange url filters
10.87 - fix: top level domain filter fixed
      - new: ability to use filters only for domain/url/path
      - fix: Lokomedia CMS fixed
      - fix: export of global blacklist
10.86 - fix: proxy tester with really fast proxies gave a not successfull result
      - new: some project edit bugs
10.85 - new: new captcha service added
      - new: URL Shortener engine
10.84 - new: improved some engines
      - new: improved thread speed
10.83 - new: some internal work on pr replacement
10.82 - new: improved language detection based on charset
      - new: improved language detection based on domain/ip
      - new: improved language detection based on unicode usage
      - new: option to replace google PR (dead service) with yandexTIC (also asked on startup)
      - fix: small issues in scripts
10.81 - fix: another google-PR issue
10.80 - new: readded google-PR checking since Proxy Scraper or PRJacker can simulate it
      - fix: language filter was not working correctly
10.79 - fix: PR filter options shortly disabled as google no longer supports it
10.78 - new: some engines improved
      - fix: remove unused accounts was applied to all projects
10.77 - fix: another issue with email import
      - new: speed for submission improved a bit
10.76 - new: added support for Article Forge -
      - new: macros for article forge %af_body% and %af_title%
10.75 - fix: issue with pligg platform
      - new: added 80+ new authority links to database
      - fix: minor issue when importing email accounts equaliy over projects
      - new: improved proxy search
10.74 - new: improved encoding detection based on words/language
      - new: improved some engines again
10.73 - new: improved some engines
      - fix: article import from popup menu was broken
10.72 - fix: minor proxy scanning issue for files fixed
10.71 - new: some engines updated
      - new: default proxy scanner sources updated
10.70 - new: added a new web2.0 engine (
      - new: added a new web2.0 engine (
      - new: improved some engines
10.69 - new: added a new web2.0 engine (
      - fix: minor bug on site list saving
10.68 - new: added a new web2.0 engine (
      - new: improved submission speed
      - fix: minor bug in article submission and NoLink option (took too much memory/resources)
      - new: added a new search engine
10.67 - fix: minor cookie extraction bug
      - new: added a new web2.0 engine (
      - new: added a new web2.0 engine (
10.66 - new: added a new web2.0 engine (
10.65 - fix: entries to site list could have been skipped in some situations
      - new: email settings are now filles using autoconfig methods
      - new: updated a lot default email provider settings
      - new: added a new web2.0 engine (
      - new: added a new web2.0 engine (
10.64 - new: improved script engine
      - new: added a new web2.0 engine (anobii)
      - new: added a new web2.0 engine (
      - new: improved math text captcha solving
      - new: improved debug features
10.63 - new: option to not use defined anchor text but a random word/phrase for a link
10.62 - fix: issues with check urls in project edit
      - new: some more popup functions added for checklists/boxes
10.61 - fix: many web20 engines disabled as they do no longer work (down, no registration, no link)
      - fix: some engines fixed (thanks to andrzejek)
      - new: project edit->check urls is now performed with threads
10.60 - fix: cookie extraction bug fixed related to special timezones
10.59 - fix: minor script engine bug with article title macros
      - new: copy to clipboad for "Footprint Studio"
10.58 - new: improved content serch for articles
10.57 - fix: phpweb and joomls k2 engine fixed
      - fix: minor script engine issues
10.56 - new: less memory/cpu usage when using mix article functions
      - new: less memory/cpu when choosing articles for best anchor_text match
      - new: import of articles with unicode improved
10.55 - new: added a new content search engine for images
      - fix: minor issue in script engine
10.54 - fix: minor internal compiler issue
10.53 - fix: minor issue with ini files fixed
      - fix: verify on emails could cause too early removal of url    
10.52 - fix: issue with scripts using "keep subdomain" as option
      - new: improved authority link insert
      - new: again content_search.dat was updated
10.51 - new: content_search.dat was updated
      - fix: site lists could blow up your memory if they could not be saved
10.50 - new: improved mix-article macros
      - fix: another dupechecking bug for articles
10.49 - fix: minor issue in article dupechecking
10.48 - new: improved article placing with "anchors matching artilce"
      - new: article import improved
10.47 - new: added support for a new rank tracking service
             (Sorry for tasking that long)
10.46 - fix: serious bug with site lists fixed where a full freez could happen
      - new: improved speed for "search and sortin"
      - new: status bar is showing red colour on high cpu/mem usage when 
             threads should be lowered
10.45 - new: added a new spinner -
      - fix: one proxy setting was not saved
      - fix: automatic translation did not work for long texts
      - new: improved internal speed for some functions
10.44 - fix: re-verification with project URLs removed https vs. http URLs
      - new: improved submission to whois/statistic sites
      - fix: minor bug on proxy texting options
      - new: improved pligg engine
      - new: improved "Crawl Online" with sitemaps holding sitemaps
      - new: improved some engines
10.42 - fix: issue with verified urls count display
10.41 - fix: minor issue with project edit (random crash)
10.40 - fix: minor issue with form extraction
10.39 - fix: minor bug on wordpress engines
      - fix: alternative match of link types was sometimes wrong
10.38 - new: added a new contextual engine called AskIT
      - fix: bug in project edit with large url lists
      - fix: cookie extraction with max-age was not working
      - fix: cookie set with httponly was not following rules
      - fix: minor cookie set bugs
10.37 - fix: random exception for hint display
10.36 - new: improved project loading speed
      - new: improved phpbb engine
      - fix: minor script issues fixed
10.35 - fix: minor bugs on script engine fixed
      - new: improved import tool for own spin syntax definitions
10.34 - fix: spinnerbr issues
      - fix: some verified urls didn't get saved in the site lists
10.33 - fix: small exception fix
10.32 - fix: translate fixed
      - new: improved some engines
      - fix: a bug in domain/country skiplist
      - !!!:
10.31 - new: less memory usage on project edit
      - new: import of email account from other projects
10.30 - fix: issue with scheduled posting overwriting profile links
10.29 - new: added a new captcha service -
      - new: added a new spinner -
      - new: improved DokuWiki engine
10.28 - new: improved web-form matching
      - new: improved some engines
      - new: project URLs using macros ignore invalid urls from files
      - new: captcha service -
      - new: macro %spinfilename-<folder>% (more on macro guide at
10.27 - fix: preview issue with a mix of commans and spin syntax in anchors
      - new: improved captcha processing
      - new: drupal - comment engine improved
      - fix: macro %banchor_text% was not working correctly
      - new: source and used search engines are now part of submitted data to 
             later improve profiling of footprints/search engines/sources
10.26 - new: improved mix article/sentences option and using macros only
      - new: improved import of SEO Content Machine data (should use less memory)
      - new: ability to create sitemaps from verified URLs.
10.25 - fix: minor bug in form-option extraction
      - new: improved extraction of form labels
10.24 - fix: bug with char spin for some variations
10.23 - fix: anpother minor bug with search queries fixed
10.22 - fix: bug with search queries
      - new: EasyBlog engine improved
10.21 - new: improved some engines/bug fixing
      - fix: some bugs in form extraction fixed
      - fix: bug with empty url for extra-step
10.20 - new: improved the form label extraction (title, onblur, placeholder)
      - fix: some engines fixed/improved  
      - new: added support for cloudindexer -
10.19 - new: minor issue with search verification
      - fix: bug with prefilling data
      - new: added a directory engine called Crunchpress (dofollow link)
      - new: some engines improved
10.18 - new: added a new Comment engine called "PluXml"
      - new: improved some engines
      - fix: minor issue on checkbox form filling (e.g. WordPress Category)
10.17 - new: added a Guestbook engine called "Donate Gurstbook"
      - new: added a Blog Comment engine called HubSpot"
      - fix: minor issues on script engine
      - new: added some new script features
      - fix: issue on url import by popup menu
10.16 - fix: minor issue on form extraction
      - new: added a refferrer engine (thanks to one forum member)
      - new: ability to import project urls by popup and split content
10.15 - fix: minor issue on form detection
10.14 - new: added two new article engines (PHPWeb/EasyBlog) for contextual do-follow links
      - fix: small issues on form submission
      - new: improved form filling
      - new: option to remove target URLs from projects who are part of there history
      - fix: minor issue on charspin algorithm
10.13 - fix: minor bug from previous web-extract routin updates
      - fix: issues when creating batch reports for selected projects
10.12 - new: improved parsing of websites for forms
      - new: way less memory and cpu usage when submitting
      - new: improved char spinning with some more variations
      - fix: linkindexr api fixed
      - new: added two new search engines / corrected one (thanks to cherub)
      - new: ability to create reports/chars for many projects at once
      - new: finding the correct data to fill form fields should work way better/faster
10.11 - new: ability to retry the index check once there are banned proxies involved
10.10 - new: improved html variation inserts
10.09 - new: scraping articles will remove any html tags
      - new: mixing articles will remove any html tags and will readd them if required
      - fix: minor fixes of internal functions
10.08 - new: added a new Guestbook/Chat engine called KideShoutbox
      - new: improved the generation of article titles when mix-option is used
10.07 - new: speed improved for some internal functions
      - new: detection of URL shorteners improved
10.06 - new: added a new contextual video profile engine (VidiScript)
      - new: improved columnspin macro
10.05 - new: added a new contextual engine (WeBid)
10.04 - new: added a new contectual engine (OSClass)
      - new: inor improvements on script engine
10.03 - new: added a new contextual engine (ClassiPress.ini)
10.02 - new: added a new contextual engine (
      - fix: removed mobile user agent strings to not get mobile versions of sites
      - new: improved random data inserts (image, video, links)
10.01 - fix: minor bug on URL extraction
      - fix: bug with canonical URL extraction
      - new: added a URL shortener engine
      - fix: issue with service
10.00 - fix: antigate does only accept png/jpg/gif -> bmp is converted now
      - new: ability to add anchor texts and urls to more than one projects by popup menu
      - new: some engines improved
      - fix: duplicate projects was broken with a progress dialog on another window
      - new: added forum engine Discuz engine by andrzejek (not yet 100%)
 9.99 - new: added a new captcha service (end captchas)
      - new: improved some engines
      - fix: some links fixed for the spin-download links
 9.98 - new: added a new indexing service called SpeedLinks -
      - new: option "Number of simultaneous captcha requests"
 9.97 - fix: issue with adding domain/generic anchor with main anchor and option turned off
      - fix: PR Update was using cache
      - new: option to use NonBlockMode with sockets which should speed up submission a lot.
 9.96 - new: improved SolidProxies API
      - fix: issue with FCS api
      - new: minor fixed in script engine
 9.95 - new: gui improved a bit with more options/boxes on queries
      - new: suggested captcha setup changed (Eve and MegaOCR no longer active...)
      - new: option for FCS on how often to crawl new URLs
 9.94 - fix: some engines updated
      - new: some gui improvements (messages after operation finished, better queries...)
 9.93 - new: added some new engines
      - new: improved debugger
 9.92 - fix: issues in article preview
      - fix: import url for projects was too slow
 9.91 - fix: minor issue with article manager
 9.90 - new: mix articles in popup menu will ask for number of new articles to create
      - new: option to add verified urls to the article
 9.89 - fix: proxy testing scripts
      - new: article usage can be counted based on submitted/verified/both
      - fix: issue with some macros
      - new: druupal blog engine improved
 9.88 - new: some engines improved
      - new: script language improved (keep subdomain)
      - fix: issue with option to delete public proxy only
 9.87 - fix: issue with reverify on project URLs with do not follow 
             the urlencode rules
      - new: the article title is no longer randomized on the mix article option 
             when there is just one article in the list
      - fix: issue with api
      - new: improved some engines
 9.86 - fix: issue with one indexer fixed
      - new: improved proxy scanning
      - fix: export articles with same title will no longer overwrite eachother
      - fix: issue in one engine causing bad comment names
 9.85 - new: gui improved a bit for query popups
      - new: ability to delete all public proxies before importing new once
      - new: improved macro usage
      - new: ability to delete emails from the import file
 9.84 - fix: minor issue on automatic verified export
      - new: some engines improved
 9.83 - new: added a new indexing service -
      - new: added a new indexing service -
 9.82 - new: improved speed in account importing
 9.81 - fix: the macro %verified_url% and %verified_dofollow_url% did not work as extected
 9.80 - fix: issues in content search (mix articles)
      - new: import target urls from other projects popup
 9.79 - new: improved text captcha analysis
      - new: canonical URL is resolved now for verified URLs
      - new: macros %verified_path% and %verified_parameters%
 9,78 - new: ability to restore more than one backup at a time
      - fix: append all on restore backups was not working
      - new: option to add links onl on last post per account
 9.77 - fix: issue with status about faield captcha replies (was way too high)
 9.76 - new: improved #spin #trans macros
      - new: some engines improved
      - fix: issue when mixing articles + using #trans/#spin
      - new: projects will reverify if the project urls are still valid for 
             the build verified urls and remove those who are not in the list
      - new: macro %verified_dofollow_url%
      - new: rss feeds as macro to load projects URLs will accept any lenght 
             in title as anchor text as long as you use spin syntax (else just 3 words)
 9.75 - fix: bug when importing target URLs who have the evil EOF char in them
      - fix: same issue when importing articles
      - new: improved some engines
      - new: improved adddress data
 9.74 - fix: image size for jpgs was calculated wrong (captcha detection)
      - fix: index check was not always correct
 9.73 - fix: bug in captcha type recognition
 9.72 - fix: bug where a project URL was added as verified URL
      - new: improved some engines
      - new: translate popup menu is now sorting languages by alphabet
 9.71 - fix: issue with adding additional links to articles and keywords are used as ancors
      - new: ability to delete all email messages in project-edit
      - new: some engines updated
 9.70 - fix: minor issues fixed
      - new: some engines improved
      - new: ability to clear imported target urls against failed site list
 9.69 - fix: bug in Joomla K2 engine
      - new: improved WordPress engine
      - new: improved email checking
 9.68 - fix: bug with custom mode
 9.67 - new: improved some engines
      - fix: one possible bug in download using same socket
 9.66 - new: some engines improved
      - fix: minor issue on blacklist check
 9.65 - new: added a new Guestbook engine (Shoutbox)
      - fix: small fix for SR+Denied engine
      - new: improved generic URLs
 9.64 - new: added a new Guestbook engine (SR+Denied)
      - fix: issue with proxy testing (web proxies somehow delivered a redirect of same url)
      - fix: project edit with engine change to none email setup deleted them completely
 9.63 - new: added a Web 2.0 engine ( thanks to vuli (forum member)
      - new: added a new Blog Comment Engine (Bravenet Comment)      
 9.62 - new: added a new Blog Comment Engine (SPIP)
      - new: added a new Guestbook engine (
      - new: custom footprints are also added in advanced->tools->search...
 9.61 - new: added 2 new do follow engines (PJBlog based)
      - new: added new proxy sources
 9.60 - fix: bug in link extraction
      - new: a BBS engine YYBoard added
      - new: some engines improved
 9.59 - fix: small issues with EVE captcha service fixed
 9.58 - new: added a new Social Network engine (JomSocial)
      - fix: a bug in link extraction
      - fix: minor bug in random video inserts when custom 
             iframes have been used instead of real URLs
 9.57 - new: added two new contextual engines (Joomla K2, esoTalk)
      - new: improved proxy handling
      - fix: minor bug in ZwenDesk engine
      - new: added AntiGate with IP as captcha service
 9.56 - new: added many new proxy providers (make sure you use default list)
      - new: added support for any antigate clone captcha services
      - new: prepared captcha service for unlimited plans to come
      - fix: project option to export links was broken
 9.55 - new: added a new BBS engine (JawNote)
      - new: some engines improved
      - new: ability to change engine selection for selected projects 
             using the popup menu
 9.54 - new: some engines updated
      - fix: minor issues with some hint windows
      - new: rss parsing with some strange formated feeds improved
 9.53 - fix: issue with link extraction (do/no-follow)
      - new: ability to change type for selected proxies
      - fix: zendesk engine does not like links without quotes
 9.52 - new: better url/anchor variation
      - new: improved some engines
      - new: improved link extraction speed / memory usage
      - new: improved proxy handling
      - fix: importent email errors did not work
      - new: updated the user agents to the currently most used once only
 9.51 - fix: internal spinner was broken
 9.50 - new: improved country detection based on language
      - fix: bug in XpressEngine and WordPress
      - fix: minor bug in country filter fixed
 9.49 - fix: another proxy testing issue
      - new: improved submission speed
      - new: better image/video placement in articles
      - new: added a new Wiki kind of engine - Trac
      - neW: some other engines improved
      - fix: possible bug in drupal/pligg engine
      - fix: email provider fixed
 9.47 - new: further improvement on email verification
      - fix: minor bug in proxy testing against google
 9.46 - new: heavily improved email verification (way faster, 
             more accurate and pop3 login looks way more natural and less spammy)
      - fix: bug in KontentMachine import over API
      - new: some engines improved
 9.45 - new: improved some engines
      - new: added new stop words
      - new: improved email verification
 9.44 - fix: minor bugs in script engine
      - fix: bug in account cleanup
      - new: improved some engines
 9.43 - fix: minor bugs on internal form parsing engine
      - new: improved some engines
      - new: improved internal spinner import/usage
 9.42 - fix: minor bug in url resolve for captchas
      - new: improved captcha detection
      - new: added two new Comment engines
 9.41 - fix: bug with importing articles from popup menu
 9.40 - new: improved some engines again
      - new: added some more generic anchor texts
 9.39 - new: recaptcha ban image skipped (after 3 tries)
      - new: improved some engines
      - fix: template load was skipping email setup
 9.38 - fix: issue with form extraction on GET-method forms
      - new: improved generic_urls.dat file
 9.37 - new: improved generic_fields.dat file
 9.36 - fix: issue with wrong crypted email passwords
 9.35 - new: improved script engine
      - fix: issue with download failed (aborted)
      - new: some engines imporoved again
      - new: project options with domain filter definition
      - new: import keywords from other projects
 9.34 - new: improved some engines
      - new: added a new captcha service -
      - new: position of schedule form is remembered
      - new: more options for the project option to export verified urls
      - fix: progressbar on search and sort in was broken
      - new: auto correction of some wrong html syntax with wrong quotes
 9.33 - fix: previous release was not replacing the %link% macro
      - fix: issue with url parsing
 9.32 - new: improved some engines (false detection)
      - new: some changes on script engine to not login for sites where important 
             data is missing (like password)
      - new: parsing speed improved
 9.31 - fix: minor issue with "Title Generator" for "Article manager".
      - fix: minor issue with testing selected emails
      - new: improved gui a bit
      - new: blog comment engine improved
 9.30 - new: some engines improved
      - fix: small possible issue with proxies fixed
 9.29 - new: improved submission speed for large content files
      - new: improved login creation
 9.28 - fix: small issue with import from popup menu that removed engine selection
 9.27 - new: improved many engines (thanks to the guy sending me the required debug data)
      - new: optimized the generic_fields.dat file
 9.26 - new: improved some engines
      - fix: some major issue with scheduled posting (only for scheduled posting)
 9.25 - new: added a new social bookmark engine (DataLife CMS)
      - new: improved url extraction
      - new: improved some engines
      - new: added a new indexing service -
 9.24 - fix: new move+merge and merge in new site list managemant was not working correctly
      - new: improved scroll behaviour for some components
 9.23 - new: improved url parsing
      - new: improved recaptcha handling (thanks to spamvilla guys)
      - new: improved site list paring speed
      - fix: issue with site list parsing for whois/stat sites
 9.22 - fix: bug in scheduled posting with "Time to wait on further registrations"
      - new: ability to define number of threads to use for verification in 
             Show verified URLs dialog
      - new: improved language detection based on used charsets
      - new: improved google translation api
      - new: some engines improved
 9.21 - fix: blogspot posting was broken
      - fix: bug in imagedecoders ballance check
      - new: improved forum engines
      - fix: footprint backup in global setting backup
 9.20 - fix: some issues in shorten articles (paragraph was broken)
      - fix: ZenDesk engine fixed
 9.19 - new: improved some log messages
      - new: improved script engine
      - fix: bug in redirect-type engines
      - fix: bug in file/url macro usage
      - new: some engines improved
 9.18 - fix: minor issue on macro usage
      - fix: bug with sending URLs to GSA URL Redirect PRO
 9.17 - new: improved captcha handling
      - fix: another issue in locks from solid proxies api
 9.16 - fix: minor issue in solidproxies api
      - fix: issue with starting URL Redirect PRO indexing
 9.15 - new: some engines improved
      - new: link placement improved
      - fix: redirect type links have been saved in verified list when they should
             have been saved in another list
      - fix: some fixes on solidproxies api
      - fix: GSA URL Redirect PRO was auto started when it should not
 9.14 - new: added GSA URL Redirect PRO as an indexing service
      - new: added support for X-Spinner -
      - new: WordAI is now using turing api when possible
      - new: some engines updated
      - new: optimized target url randomization
      - new: improved article import (auto correction of wrong encoded files)
 9.13 - fix: minor issues on test/preview mode
      - fix: api change was not saved
      - new: search engine file optimized
      - new: script engine improved (finding links)
      - fix: problem with wordpress engine
      - fix: article import was not ok for unicode data
 9.12 - new: links are added in a better way to article content (more readable)
      - fix: verified urls statistics have been not updated 
             correctly in some cases
      - new: improved email usage after failed submissions
 9.11 - fix: minor bug in target url queue
      - new: better auto detection of proxies being private/public
 9.10 - new: added support for FCS Network -
      - fix: label "click to count" was not showd correctly in editor
      - new: link insert in articles is optimized and will choose a more
             proper position for anchor texts and "Just a link" as option
             Read for more
      - new: debug window functions improved
      - new: ability to also uncheck engines that produce both 
             types (do- and no-follow)
      - new: ability to edit project files in notepad
 9.09 - fix: redirection of URLs caused double posting in some cases
      - new: ability to load/save proxy provider selection
      - new: Lokomedia CMS
 9.08 - new: improved some engines
      - fix: minor bug in api
 9.07 - new: improved function to check project URLs
      - new: added new text captcha service -
      - new: improved pligg engine
 9.06 - new: added a russian directory engine (Scanerlink PRO)
      - new: improved re-verification functions
 9.05 - new: notification for a new verified URL (off by default)
      - new: ability to import articles from project-popup menu
      - new: article import can use "Generate Title" as option
      - new: ability to duplicate a project more than once
      - fix: a test on textcaptcha service was always returning a "success".
      - new: some engines improved
 9.04 - new: ability to use SpamVilla as text captch solver
      - new: ability to see full html header/data in debug mode
      - new: improved -deldupes paramater
 9.03 - new: added a new file called generic_fields.dat that is used if no 
             form variable is defined for a field in the script
      - new: improved verification
      - new: improved site identification in re-verify
      - new: some engines improved
      - new: improved api
 9.02 - new: updates api
      - fix: issue with index checking
 9.01 - new: improved some engines
 9.00 - new: improved some engines
      - new: improved script engine
      - new: added 3 new engines (URL Shortener, URL Redirect, Blog Comment)
 8.99 - new: improved script engine (detection of Redirect Only types)
 8.98 - new: added a new text captcha service -
      - new: improved script engine (finding relevant urls/links)
      - new: improved some engines
 8.97 - new: improved speed for content conversion (html->wiki syntax e.g.)
      - new: some engines imporoved
 8.96 - new: improved some engines
      - new: a new statistic type (download failed) when using the popup menu on 
             the LpM status
      - new: minor improvements on email import
      - new: improved scripting engine
      - new: less cpu usage
 8.95 - new: improved some engines
      - fix: possible freez bug and issues in spin system
      - new: improved WAC import for articles
 8.94 - new: improved article content search 
      - fix: minor issue with additional links in articles
      - fix: issue in new WAC import
      - new: edit project-> Uncheck Engines based on performance
 8.92 - new: added a new URL Shortener
      - new: WAC API updated
      - new: improved some engines
 8.91 - fix: bug with spin system from previous release (sorry)
      - new: footprint studio will ignore single stop words by option
      - new: ability to filter statistic diagram by engine types
      - new: option to send only certain types of links to intexers
 8.90 - new: improved speed for spinning
      - new: added a new article engine - Catalyst Web CMS (actually a forum poster)
      - new: as new captcha service
 8.89 - fix: possible issue with duplicate posting
 8.88 - new: less memory usage on big spinned content
      - new: improved download/submission speed
      - new: many engines improved
      - new: option to make use of ~keyword within google searches
 8.87 - fix: minor issue with project editor
 8.86 - new: ability to shorten unspun article to a set range of words
      - new: ability to create new random paragraphs for article on submission
      - new: ability to add 20 fresh articles from KontenMachine using there API
             from the cloud
      - new: added support for new indxer service
      - new: using a macro in the url input field also accepts directories
 8.85 - fix: minor issue with link extraction
      - fix: bug from yesterdays build with link removal
 8.84 - fix: verification bug with option to not place a link on first article
      - fix: email import was broken
      - fix: import of account from project popup was broken
 8.83 - new: improved drupal engine
      - new: improved some minor other functions
 8.82 - new: proxy scrapping improved
      - new: improved some engines
      - fix: some issues in Question2Answer engine
 8.81 - new: added two new article engines (OSQA, Question2Answer)
      - fix: one possible bug on url extraction for new targets
      - fix: possible bug on email password saving      
      - new: improved import from SEO Content Machine and KontentMachine
 8.80 - new: added 3 new engines
             AltoCMS-LiveStreet - Article posting
             eMeeting - Article posting
             ClanSphere - contextual profile
 8.79 - fix: minor issues on the Footprint Studio tool
      - new: Footprint Studio -> automatically remove not identified URLs
      - new: added support for the upcoming new question answering service 
 8.78 - fix: some minor engines fixes
      - fix: one possible #trans macro bug
 8.77 - fix: minor issues on article preview
      - fix: issues on saving uncrypted passwords
      - fix: possible proxy issue
 8.76 - fix: some bugs in article preview
      - new: added DailyMontion engine (submits a video) by cherub
      - new: import of emails accepts email,password as format
 8.75 - fix: bug with captcha breaker communication
      - new: added over 40 new sources to get article content from
 8.74 - new: improved email verification speed
      - new: less memory usage on url extract
      - fix: removed some content search providers
      - fix: status "Actie (Remove links)" could crash SER
      - new: improved spinning functions -> better speed and less memory usage
      - new: added crazy indexer api
 8.73 - new: a new verification mode that tries to resolve emails to country location
 8.72 - new: improved proxy handling
      - new: some engines improved
      - new: first letter is made uppercase if macros like %anchor_text% are 
             used at sentence start.
 8.71 - new: improved proxy handling
      - new: added Vimeo engine (profile link) by cherub
      - new: option to send all types of backlinks to ping services (else 
             just comments, trackbacks and so on)
 8.70 - fix: memory was too high on certain macro usages
      - fix: minor issues on macro usage
      - new: added new captcha service
 8.69 - fix: minor issue on random url insert where it could happen that a ' was 
        first char of an anchor
      - new: footprint extraction improved
      - fix: %Keyword% did not produce a upper case macro result
 8.68 - new: improved footprint studio a bit
      - new: added new captcha service -
      - new: ability to use %random_image% on Preview Image edit field
      - new: ability to backup/restore footprint changes
      - new: added a new engine posting articles (FreeDNS)
      - new: option to handle scheduled posting options per URL
 8.67 - new: added a basic "Footprint Studio" (options->advanced->tools) where you can
             add custom footprints for your engines without changing the engine files
      - fix: minor script engine bugs
 8.66 - fix: bug in html variations
      - fix: issue with preview of articles not displaying \n as line 
             feed in some cases
      - fix: other minor issues on script engine
      - new: url variations with cutting www. from generic urls are not used
 8.65 - fix: minor issue with %link% macro that could produce a bad syntax
 8.64 - new: improved some engines
      - new: ability to quickly add a tier to a project
      - fix: small issue with skipping link types
 8.63 - fix: minor issue on search activities
 8.62 - fix: minor issue on last spin syntax checking
 8.61 - new: improved some engines
      - new: better error message for wrong spin syntax
      - new: accounts can be imported and exported for all selected projects using 
             the popup menu->modify->import/export->account data
 8.60 - new: %Link% is now also changing the anchors first letter to uppercase
      - new: better error message on spin syntax errors
      - new: improved search engine parsing
 8.59 - new: forum engine DZCP added (contextual profiles)
      - new: ability to export verified urls automatically 
      - fix: minor fixes on macros for urls
 8.58 - new: improved error message on download failed
      - fix: some issues with download failed messages
      - fix: some auto corrections after translate macros
      - new: improved reverify in verified url list
 8.57 - new: you can use ! in front ogf a project url to temporary skip it from building links
      - new: option to auto decreae threads with high memory usage
      - new: fixed 50% cpu option to decrease threads for high cpu load is variable now
      - fix: issue with article creation and link removal
      - fix: minor issue with proxy parsing from file
 8.56 - fix: minor issue with new auto decrease threads option
 8.55 - new: mollom captchas are no longer considered as being hard captchas as 
             Captcha Breaker is able to break them with a 54% success rate
      - new: proxy option to send keep-alive or not (might fix some 
             issues people have with download failed)
      - new: less memory usage for project urls to post to
      - new: added as new captcha service -
      - fix: issue with mix articles that could produce unspined content
      - new: option to auto decrease threads on high cpu usage
      - new: a little tool to filter any file by mask or from lines in other files
      - fix: minor fixes on script engine
 8.54 - fix: minor issue on generic urls inserts
      - new: improved minor parts of submission
 8.53 - new: new option for proxies to resolve domain to IP or not
      - new: improved site list clean up 
 8.52 - new: improved proxy system again
      - new: improved some engines
      - new: some changes to macro usage
 8.51 - new: optimized proxy usage
 8.50 - fix: minor proxy issue
 8.49 - new: improved proxy processing
      - new: increased speed
      - new: ability to use a folder as command line that will be used to load/save 
             projects and settings from
 8.48 - new: added new Social Bookmark engine Chameleon done by cherub (Thanks!)
      - new: ability to set captcha services to only solve hard to solve captchas
      - fix: issue with serpcloud not adding projects on change
 8.47 - new: ability to backup projects to one file per project on batch
 8.46 - new: added a new guestbook engine
      - new: dialog for name/group on project creation
 8.45 - new: big speed improvement on downloads (same socket is re-used)
      - fix: remove link mode is no longer checking filters
      - new: load/save selection on certain queries
 8.44 - new: improved serpcloud api / output
      - new: improved some engines
      - new: improved GUI for editing unanswerd question db
      - new: ability to delete all ping urls that constantly fail
      - new: ability to uncheck engines who can not remove created links
 8.43 - new: added basic keyword tracking using serpcloud -
      - new: improved Aardvark Topsites engine (allows removal of links)
      - new: some other engines improved
      - new: less cpu usage      
 8.42 - fix: minor issue on article preview
      - fix: macro usage with fixed urls for random image inserts
      - new: improved some engines
 8.41 - new: %link% macro usage improved
      - new: improved submission speed a bit
      - fix: minor issue on macro-in-macro usage
 8.40 - fix: minor issue on link macro usage
      - new: more html variations for links
 8.39 - fix: minor bug in spinfile macros
      - new: added Social Network engine BoINC (contextual profiles)
      - new: added Social Network engine DotNetNuke (contextual profiles)
 8.38 - fix: minor bug in link extraction (a tag without href skiped next link)
      - fix: bug with own data folder for projects
      - fix: bug in downloading spanish spin data
      - new: gmail dot trick insert is asked when importing gmail accounts
 8.37 - fix: minor issue on email config with macros
 8.36 - new: improved article mixing with much more natural looking content
      - new: improved link parsing speed
      - new: function to remove unused/dead account data from projects
             This can save a lot memory when running projects. 
             Right click on project(s)->modify->delete unused accounts             
 8.35 - new: default yahoo email settings changed to ssl
      - fix: index check in verified urls dialog was broken
 8.34 - new: added a contextual profile engine by cherub (Thanks!)
      - new: less memory usage
      - new: improved submission speed a bit
      - new: option in article manager to add TAGs at random position
      - fix: minor issues on using %anchor_text% in "anchor text" itself
      - new: Test/Preview in edit project improved
      - new: option to mix all present articles in a project to a new one when submitting
 8.33 - fix: another macros bug
      - new: improved proxy handling
 8.32 - new: improved some engines (again)
      - fix: some other issues related to last updates
      - fix: macros using urls as parameters didnt work correctly
 8.31 - fix: another issue with displaying large URL lists
 8.30 - fix: issue with displaying large URL lists
 8.29 - new: added KontentMachine import from cloud
      - fix: improved cpu load a bit
 8.28 - new: improved some engines
      - new: increased speed due to a new locking mechansim
      - new: improved email checking with proxies
      - new: option to apply wait time for emails per account (default) 
             and not by pop3 server (was like that in older versions)
 8.27 - new: improved engines again
      - new: less cpu usage
      - new: improved speed and less memory usage
      - fix: minor bug fixes
 8.26 - fix: minor issue when having no projects created
 8.25 - new: many engines improved
      - new: ability to minimize to system tray (option in advanced settings)
      - new: if sending the indexer query failed (empty reply/server error/network error) 
             it is resent once more
 8.24 - new: improved some engines
      - new: ability to use html code in "own URLs" in case you want to fine 
             tune your own image/video links
 8.23 - new: improved some engines again
      - new: improved verification system
      - new: ability to join files into one using options->advanced->tools
      - new: ability to dedupe any file using options->advanced->tools
      - new: improved site list parsing speed
      - new: importing in several projects from site lists will allow you to 
             import those engines used in each project
      - new: option to use root/main url in some variations is no longer
             bind to url variations in project options
      - fix: minor bug fixes
 8.22 - new: ability to search projects by content
      - new: improved some engines
      - fix: minor bugs in proxy usage
 8.21 - new: improved verification speed (based on longer statistics about engines 
             and there max/avg verification time)
      - new: script engine extended (modify step)
 8.20 - new: added a new directory engine (Astanda Directory Project)
      - new: improved some engines
      - fix: verified urls counter was not properly updated in gui
      - new: improved import from SEO Content Machine and KontentMachine
      - new: improved script language "modify url condition"
      - new: ability to select by engine/engine type in show urls dialog
 8.19 - new: improved some engines
      - new: added webSpell as new Forum engine
      - new: ZenDesk allows to remove links
      - new: ability to export articles
      - fix: bug in "Rocketeer CMS" engine
 8.18 - new: improved some engines
      - new: blog comment/profile engine "Rocketeer CMS" added
      - new: again improved submission speed a bit
 8.17 - new: improved submission speed a bit
      - new: less memory usage (too much from imported sites was used)
      - new: "login URLs" from url queue are handled in priority
      - new: "just one article with link" option changed to a percentage"
      - new: check for manual added articles if spin syntax is correct.
      - new: a more random veriation in "dot trick" for gmail emails
      - new: added facebook/twitter input fields for engines that allow you to post 
             that information
 8.16 - new: option to check projects URLs
      - new: internal changes on how to save email passwords. You can now use 
             ##password so that SER can read them without the need to crypt/decrypt
      - new: number of active projects is shown in main gui (P: main|tier (active))
      - new: some engines improved
      - new: added a new search engine (
      - new: ability to set a custom color for project
      - new: command line parameter -deldupes that removes duplicates 
             from site lists on startup 
      - new: added new captcha service -
 8.15 - fix: some wiki posting issues with images as anchors
      - fix: bug in import of bad words
      - new: ability to filter by engine types in site list parsing
 8.14 - new: improved some engines
      - new: improved email verification a bit
      - fix: bug with image insert
 8.13 - fix: minor memory leak
      - new: improved drupal engine
      - fix: import of bad word filter files with unicode was broken
      - fix: minnor issue with macro upper/lowercase
 8.12 - fix: bug in random link insert for none latin chars.
      - fix: possible bug in link insert with long open html tags
 8.11 - new: random links are also put on images
      - new: improved email verification speed
      - fix: minor issues in script engine
      - new: social bookmarking engine (WordPress Social Bookmark)
 8.10 - new: improved some engines
      - new: strong article link placement option "TOP Anchor URL" (see hint for more)
      - new: added a new indexing service -
 8.09 - fix: possible bug on scheduled posting (posted to many times on same domain)
      - fix: minor display bug for progress bar on site list parsing
      - fix: bug with scheduled posting and option "just one link"
 8.08 - fix: bug in verification
      - fix: minor issue on dat folder settings for generic anchor texts
      - fix: other minor issues
 8.07 - new: speed improved a bit
 8.06 - fix: bug in Article Script engine
      - fix: internal spinner config is saved
 8.05 - fix: another small bug in target url processing
 8.04 - fix: bug on tier anchor text filter with none ansi encoding
      - new: improved some engines
      - fix: some bugs in url parsing
      - fix: less memory usage for projects
      - fix: minor memory leak on connection status checking
      - new: engine filter for site lists usable for any type of searching
 8.03 - fix: minor bug in last build
 8.02 - fix: minor bug after duplicating a project (status was wrong)
      - new: improved speed of link verification
 8.01 - new: added a new spanish spinning service
      - fix: small handle leak on dedupe
      - fix: user can enter unicode in queried submission questions
      - new: improved speed of project loading
 8.00 - fix: bug of not saving emails and articles from previous build
 7.99 - fix: memory was wasted when closing project edit with huge data
 7.98 - fix: minor issues in script engine fixed
      - fix: some engines improved
      - new: ability to select anchors in show verified urls dialog not being part of the project
      - new: XpressEngine allows you to remove links (not working with links created in the past)
      - new: ability to sort "show urls" listing by tld domain
 7.97 - new: added 3 new URL Shortener engines coming all with lot's of new targets
      - fix: minor script bugs fixed
      - new: improved random link insert macros
      - new: some engines improved
 7.96 - fix: insert of random images/videos was broken on some engines
      - fix: insert of html variations could have destroyed present html syntax
 7.95 - new: debug option to save unknown form variables to a file
      - new: ability to save remaining URLs on abort for parsing site lists
      - new: added symbols for each project so that identification in log is easier
      - new: option for random images/videos in article to allow just one of them
 7.94 - new: improved speed for scheduled posting
      - fix: engines doing forum posts have not been used for scheduled posting
      - fix: issue with not saving verified site list entries (happened on instant verify)
      - new: ability to count usage of articles (popup menu in article manager)
      - new: ability to edit urls in "Show URLs" dialog
 7.93 - fix: minor gui issues in article manager
      - fix: minor issues on new %ab_body% macro
      - new: added new stats (VpM and DpM -> right click on LpM to change)
      - fix: possible bug on site list saving
      - new: improved some engines
 7.92 - fix: new additional link option was not saved correctly
      - new: macro %ab_title% and %ab_body% -
 7.91 - new: improved some engines
      - new: some more stats in main gui
      - new: amount of last verified urls in gui can be changed (default 1000)
      - new: ability to load engine selection in site list search module
      - fix: minor proxy counting issue
      - new: stats about site lists shows the categories as well
      - new: option to insert more than one link in articles
 7.90 - fix: endless loop at startup from previous build (no clue how that happened)      
 7.89 - new: ability to define a folder that is used for dat files instead 
             of the default once from the engine folder
      - new: Premium URL Shortener as new engine added (many targets)
      - new: 5 other URL Shortener added (,,,,,
      - new: ability to uncheck engines using there own fixed URL
      - new: proxy option "Check previously working"
      - new: projects are automatically stopped if the internet connection is lost and 
             restarted once it is back up (can be disabled in advanced options).
      - new: ability to filter log by selected project
 7.88 - new: web 2.0 engine added
      - fix: minor script engine issues
      - new: improved handling of indexing services
 7.87 - new: emails can be tagged for being used for signup or just verification
      - new: Envato as new new social network engine added
      - new: several minor improvments on verification and script engine
      - new: clean up of article content search engines
      - new: improved some engines
 7.86 - new: improved buddypress engine
      - new: improved abort of all projects pressing stop
 7.85 - fix: minor issue on captcha stats
      - new: improved some engines
      - new: improved verification by url
      - fix: issue on saving URLs to site lists when no site lists have been used in project
      - fix: import accounts from project was not working
 7.84 - fix: minor issue on anonymous proxy testing
 7.83 - fix: minor issues with imported accounts
 7.82 - fix: minor issue from previous build (sorry)
 7.81 - new: improved verification speed
 7.80 - new: improved some engines
      - new: ability to choose what to save in a backup
      - new: support for ESPinner -
      - new: improved email verification
      - fix: bug on verify site list saving when turned off
      - fix: a lot disposible email providers had to be disabled as they required a captcha-input
             or where not working anymore - this also means you need to exchange them in your projects
 7.79 - fix: minnor issues with site list saving
      - new: improved submissions speed again (just a bit)
      - new: ability to spin multible fields in project data
      - new: ability to erase last crawl statistics for proxy parsing
      - new: command line parameter "-close" which will shut down a running instance
 7.78 - new: improved submission speed
      - new: some issues on drupal engine fixed
      - fix: minor display bug in log messages
      - new: better target url parsing
      - new: code cleanup for upcoming footprint/search engine success stats
 7.77 - fix: a proxy checking bug
 7.76 - new: new URL Shortener "General URL Shortener" which is not bind to any engine
      - new: improved some engines
      - new: script engine improved
      - new: improved url handling and speed
      - fix: minor possible bug in proxy testing
 7.75 - new: added 41 new URL Shortener engines
      - new: ability to create email variations of gmail accounts using the "." trick
             -> inserted when adding a new email or when clicking "Catch All" label
      - new: added some more html variations
      - new: improved insert of html variations with attibutes getting joint to gether
 7.74 - fix: minor issues on BuddyPress engine
      - new: improved some other engines
      - fix: on saving verified urls to site lists (in very rar cases)
 7.73 - new: improved speed for log messages
      - new: cpu usage is now taking all cores for proper percentage
      - new: improved some engines
      - new: added two new URL Shortener (have many targets)
 7.72 - new: ability to globally update the html variations (right click on form)
      - new: added some more proxy providers
      - new: improved speed with site lists
      - new: added some more variations for article titles
      - new: ability to only test private/public proxies
      - new: improved speed for log messages (more to come)
 7.71 - new: option to not use the format like: main anchor (generic/domain anchor with link)
      - new: ability to remove selected URLs from websites in "Show Verified URLs"
      - new: ability to reimport failed "reverified URLs"
      - new: macro %random_title%
 7.70 - new: added a new article angine (SupeSite) but with very little success 
             (it's an asian language that I can not read -> scripting is difficult)
      - new: ability to search in data fields/article inputs using CTRL+F / F3 / popup menu
      - new: option in proxy search setup to tag found proxies as public/private
      - new: ability to set what proxies to export automatically
      - new: added an article title generator
      - new: ability to export email accounts from selected projects
 7.69 - new: added many new text captcha answers (almost twice as much as before)
      - fix: minor bug on email verification
      - new: ability to import URLs to site lists from backups
 7.68 - new: updated content_search.dat file (used to find related images for articles)
 7.67 - new: added new blog comment engine "JComments" (was previously supported by 
             General Blogs but moved to a new engine for having more control on it)
      - new: improved email verification based on used logins
      - new: added many more html variations for better article content
      - fix: sort by "date modified" was not working
      - fix: bug on paus project after verifications done
      - new: chart of anchor types used
      - new: chart of Top Level Domains
 7.66 - fix: bug with extraction of forms
 7.65 - new: article option to insert html variations (bold text, colored text). 
             This is all dynamic and can be changed to your needs - have a look into 
             html_variations.dat file for details
      - new: option to define time that has to pass between two registrations on same site
      - new: saving and restoring backups/projects/site lists uses a minimum of memory
 7.64 - new: proxy testing speed improved
      - new: detection of bad proxies improved
      - new: ability to export test cases in project edit
      - fix: minor issues on email verification (e.g. email-from was sometimes 
             same as your email to which caused problems on some engines)
      - new: Clear/Delete in Crawl Online
 7.63 - new: many engines improved
      - new: improved verification and submission speed
 7.62 - fix: small issue on blacklist filter
 7.61 - new: video engine VideoWatchPro (mainly adult so moved to that category)
      - new: more detailed MEM usage
 7.60 - new: speed for blacklist checking improved
      - fix: minor issues on proxy system
      - new: improved email verification
      - new: improved content change of articles with none latin characters
      - new: proxy options for email verification
      - new: project option to only verify emails in custom verification mode
 7.59 - fix: disable proxy function was damaged in latest proxy threading
 7.58 - new: tier filter option to only start when at least XYZ URLs 
             are build in main project
      - new: video engine MediaShareSuite
      - new: video engine PHPVibe
      - fix: bug in contextual engines
 7.57 - fix: yes another small fix in proxy handline
 7.56 - fix: some issues on new memory-less routines
      - new: added a captcha service using decaptcher api with IP
 7.54 - fix: another bug in proxy discovering
 7.53 - fix: minor issue in proxy scanner for some systems
 7.52 - new: improved proxy handling (should be way faster)
      - new: option to specify how much an article can be used
      - new: export of URLs in "Show verified urls" will also include account data
 7.51 - new: improved the phpBB engine a bit
      - new: email verification improved
      - new: option to only post one article with links (increase a bit more 
             the authority of that blog)
 7.50 - fix: minor issue on email import
      - new: less memory usage / less cpu usage
      - new: improved some engines
 7.49 - new: improved speed for duplicate url/domain removal
      - fix: minor issue on email verification + remove on first try
      - new: added two new social networking engines done by cherub
 7.48 - new: added ReverseProxy OCR as captcha service -
      - fix: bug in site list import for projects
      - fix: bug in group status cahnge
      - fix: minor issue in recaptcha handling
      - new: improved many engines
      - new: improved some search engines (thanks to forum supporters)
 7.47 - new: statistics after site list parsing
      - new: site list parsing/building requires less memory and should be faster
      - fix: minor bug on proxy usage for captchas
      - new: added support fro SEo Content Machine -
      - new: improved php fox engine
      - new: rss engines no longer need RSS_URL (discovered while submitting)
 7.46 - new: added new 20+ RSS feed engines (new category as well)
      - new: some speed improvements
      - new: some engines improved
      - new: email verification improved
      - new: improved site list parsing
 7.45 - new: option to turn off the "important messages"
      - new: improved speed for file parsing
      - new: improved email verification speed
      - new: added a new social network engine (phpDolphine)
 7.44 - new: improved search engines (removed a lot none working, fixed some) 
             thanks to the forum comunity for providing some fixes
      - fix: issues with posting more than allowed as set in scheduled posting
 7.43 - new: added a new guestbook engine
      - new: improved some other engines
      - new: improved email verification (and fixed 2 minor bugs)
      - fix: issue in global black list filter with providers delivering content packed
      - new: less memory usage while verifying emails
 7.42 - new: reverify of imported verified links to a project will discover 
             the engine and type on the fly
      - new: ability to set custom image URLs for articles
      - new: ability to set custom video URLs for articles
 7.41 - new: several engines improved
      - new: option to specify waiting time between email logins (was a fixed 15 min before)
      - fix: major bug with article posting and duplicate checking (was sometimes posting 
             %article_title% as part of the title) //sorry
 7.40 - new: import of target urls can split imported files over projects
      - new: improved email verification speed
      - new: ability to duplicate projects with tiers
 7.39 - new: number of unique domains are shown in chart
      - new: GeekLog engine by cherub added
      - new: some engines improved
      - new: ability to choose site list types for clean up
      - new: improved char spinner (much more variations)
      - new: improved script langauge
      - new: ability to duplicate a project with everything (verified, submitted, accounts...)
      - new: improved important messages
      - new: improved email parsing log output
      - new: a verified url linking to the main project is reused 
             once the tier is detected as broken
      - new: updated linklicious api
      - new: added a new indexing service -
      - new: improved text question handling (not asking same question twice per engine)
 7.38 - fix: issues with profile engines being used for scheduled submissions
      - new: improved error messages (important messages)
      - new: tier option to filter out special anchor texts
      - new: improved some engines
 7.37 - new: improved error message handling
      - new: doubl click on "important messages" icon loads messages
      - new: clear important messages works for all selected projects
      - new: improved some engines
      - fix: citations have not been handled correctly in some parts
      - fix: minor bug in verification of "no links for first article" posts
      - fix: possible bug in char spinning and veriable insertion
      - new: improved "about yourself" handling
 7.36 - new: improved error messages for captcha services again (sorry 
             about the update spam lately)
        new: ability to clear the important messages
 7.35 - fix: another bug fix from previous build :/
 7.34 - new: another update on the important message feature
 7.33 - fix: minor fix in error reporting
 7.32 - new: improved captcha error messages
      - new: projects get an "important messages" icon when there seems to 
             be something wrong
 7.31 - fix: bug with captcha service from last version (sorry)
 7.30 - new: better error messages for captcha services
      - new: captcha services get a "wrong captcha" report if submission was 
             not successful and the cause was a wrong filled captcha
             this saves you some money if you not already use GSA Captcha Breaker ;)
 7.29 - new: added a social network engine (vldPersonals)
      - new: added a blog comment engine (Storytlr)
      - new: added a article engine (Open-Reality)
      - new: improved some other engines
      - new: improved random url insertion (tries to not use stop words and word combinations)
      - new: updated stop words for other languages (German, Dutch, Spanish, Italien and French)
      - new: nested usage of macros like %spinfolder-c:\gsa\articles$url_path$%
      - fix: bug in email verification
 7.28 - new: improved target url extraction
      - new: option to specify when to re-verify
      - new: reverification only happens if the last live check was done a 
             more recent time in the past
      - new: added rucaptcha as new captcha service -
      - new: added eve (racaptcha ocr) as captcha service
      - new: option to skip submission on certain language
      - fix: minor bug in country detection
      - new: improved speed for submission
 7.27 - new: macro #spin ... #nospin
      - fix: the brown status (no targets left) have been displayed 
             incorrectly in some situations
      - new: improved #trans macro being able to use a fixed language
      - new: rename of a project is updating tier structure as well
 7.26 - new: option to select URLs being present in a file (Show URLs dialog)
      - new: much better automatic translation using #trans macro
      - new: language detection improved
      - new: translation popup menu for every edit
      - new: better options to choose titles for imported articles
 7.25 - new: improved speed
      - new: ability to sort projects by date created/modified (popup menu)
 7.24 - new: improved scheduled posting of engines not using accounts
      - new: added new social bookmark engine "PeoplePods" done by cherub
             (contextual blog post + contextual profile link)
      - new: support for RoboArticles -
      - new: improved some other engines
      - new: improved char spin syntax (it's now inserting spin for each char)
 7.23 - new: minor improvements on import dialogs
      - new: email verification improved
      - new: some engines updated
      - new: proxy option to delete all before adding new
 7.22 - new: some engines improved
      - fix: minor bug on dupe checking for article posting
      - new: improved xgrab file
      - new: spinfile and #file_links macro allow the usage of a directoy as parameter
             This will take a random file from that folder and continue as before.
 7.21 - fix: minor issue with dupe checking on article posting
 7.20 - fix: minor bugs from previous build
 7.19 - new: added char spin popup menus where it makes sense
      - new: forum engine PHPWind (not perfect as I can't read that chinese language)
      - new: less memory usage between charset conversion
      - new: ability to test proxies against google PR checking
 7.18 - new: improved char spinner with more variations
      - new: char spinning is used for none html supported 
             fields if utf8 encoding can be used
      - new: option to use char sinner for stop words only
      - new: improved default stop words list
      - new: better option to edit multiple projects
      - new: improved "merge project" function
 7.17 - fix: possible bug with scheduler
      - new: macro %first_sentence-<varname>%
 7.15 - new: added a new bookmarkign/web2.0 engine by martincronholm
      - fix: progress bar for site list parsing
      - new: speed improved for site list parsing
      - new: ability to import URLs holding site lists
 7.14 - fix: bug in spinrewriter api call
      - fix: bug in edit only engines/options
      - new: minor speed improve on html parsing
      - new: improved "No link" setting in article posting
 7.13 - new: option to not insert any link into articles
             This makes only sense if you place a fixed link into your article.
             In this case the program tries to verify the first found link in 
             it or if possible the first url being a link and part of the 
             project data.
      - new: option to skip creating of DoFollow links
      - new: some engines improved
      - new: fixed some speed issues
 7.12 - new: forum engine myUPD by cherub
      - new: ability to select projects by status
      - new: function to fill site lists from verified URLs parsing
      - new: added captcha service
 7.11 - new: some moinor improves on speed
      - fix: minor issues with verifications
      - fix: some stupid bug with default bad word list
      - new: ability to remove duplicate domains from imported target urls
      - fix: minor bug with anchors of puny encoded URLs
      - new: some engines improved
 7.10 - new: improved site list handling (less disk activity)
 7.09 - new: added a new directory engine by cherub
      - new: function to show all left target urls for all selected projects
      - new: added some new script language features
      - fix: some proxy checking issues
      - new: private proxies for emails are used in priority to publics
      - fix: minor bugs on spinners
      - new: improved proxy checkers
      - fix: bug on upper/lower case with emails
 7.08 - fix: language detection fixed for Korean sites
      - new: added index check for domains
      - new: ability to filter log by project
      - new: xgrab.txt with some definitions included for the #grabbed macro
      - new: the #grabbed macro supports an extendet syntax 
 7.07 - fix: new proxy check against google was not always working
 7.06 - new: improved proxy testing speed
      - new: googles secure html redirect for proxies is ignored
      - new: proxy check against google is making a real search and detects blocking
 7.05 - fix: minor bug in duplicate removal
      - new: improved some engines
 7.04 - new: option to use stop words for search queries
      - new: improved email checking speed
      - fix: "Remove Duplicates" for imported target URLs was not always working
      - new: guestbook engine by cherub added (Many thanks!)
      - new: video engine by cherub added with profile URL (Many thanks!)
      - new: custom wait time for search engines can be set even no proxy is used
      - new: ability to import just one E-Mail to selected projects from a list.
 7.02 - new: improved email verification speed
      - fix: minor bug on article preview
 7.01 - new: project status "Active (Re-Verify)"
      - new: ability to import articles from other projects
      - fix: fixed ultra spinnable articles api
 7.00 - new: improved speed on verification
      - fix: bug in "Crawl Online" with encoding of anchor texts.
      - new: added as a new captcha service
 6.99 - new: added forum engine IPBoard by seogrizzly
      - new: option to create a more random number of accounts/posts in scheduled posting
      - fix: importing unicode formated files with URLs was not working
      - new: citations are now also used with naed URLs/Domains, not only with branding anchors
      - fix: several minor unicode issues in gui
      - fix: minor issue on article preview
      - new: option to send to indexers in "drip feed" mode if they support it
 6.98 - new: bandwidth limit can be set
      - new: option to clean-up site lists (remove none working urls)
      - new: some engines improved
 6.97 - new: improved speed and debug data
 6.96 - new: improved some engines
      - fix: confirmation dialog for article deletion
      - fix: bug in anchor text placement when all alternative anchors have been 100%
      - new: improved article mixing
 6.95 - new: added InstantLinkIndexer -
      - new: improved captcha handling
      - fix: improved processing speed a bit
 6.94 - new: 21 more engines allowing you to remove URLs again (YAD, YaBB, XOOPS, XMB, XenForo, UseBB, 
             WPRO SOSBOK, WordPress Article, WikkaWiki, vShare, ViMP, vBulletin, Vanilla, UCenter, 
             Twitter Clone Script, TubeAce, TikiWiki, SocialEngine, SMF) - Thats all for now
      - fix: one proxy option was not saved
      - fix: showing URLs was too slow in last build
      - new: some more engines allow forum posts now (please don't use it though)
 6.93 - new: 15 more engines allowing you to remove URLs again (Smart Tube, SEO-Board, Scuttle, 
             Quicksilver, PunBB, Public Bookmark, Press Release Script, Plone, PHPMotion, 
             PHPMelody, PHPizabi, PHPFox, PHPBookmark, phpBB, PHP-Nuke)
      - new: improved spinner
      - new: added support for Ultra Spinnable Articles -
      - new: some engines improved
      - new: added article submission to Public Bookmark
 6.92 - new: 13 more engined allow you to remove URLs again (Oxwall, MyBB, Moodle,
             MoinMoin, MediaXxx, StatusNet, Laconica, Joomla - Blog, JCow, indexU,
             iDocScript, FluxBB, AVS)
      - new: ability to create your own thesaurus files by importing from different sources
      - new: option dialog to import accounts from other projects
 6.91 - new: 18 more engines allow you to remove URLs again (Drupal, Dolphin, DokuWiki, 
             Coppermine Photo Gallery, ClipShare, ClipBucket, Burning Board, BuddyPress,
             Blogtronix, AVS, Article Script, Article Friendly Ultimate, Article Friendly,
             Article Dashboard, Article Beach, AdultWatch, AdultFlickScript, Adult Script Pro)
      - fix: possible bug in ip resolve
      - new: option to just insert link in articles in sentence
 6.90 - new: upcomming project status to remove links - Active (D) 
             This is only working for MediaWiki engines right now (see ini for details).
      - fix: two little bugs in article preview
      - new: ability to mix selected articles into a new one
      - new: ability to spin articles while importing
      - new: improved parsing speed
 6.89 - fix: bug from previous build that could freez your running project.
 6.88 - new: improved articlebuilder content
      - new: improved charspin
      - new: improved export of account data
      - new: some engines updated
 6.87 - new: advanced option to disable PR checks for verified URLs
      - fix: had to disable NING engine (check ini file for details)
      - fix: another bug on indexer
      - new: improved email verification again
 6.86 - new: improved verification speed
 6.85 - new: added a new web2.0 engine done by SEOGrizzly
 6.84 - new: PHPMelody engine added done cherub
      - fix: minor memory leak
      - fix: minor issues in article manager fixed
      - new: readded Bolo API for those who need it
      - new: improved some dat files (auto_anchor-articles.dat has no longer a blank URL)
 6.83 - new: option to use custom generic URLs per project
      - new: option "Try to use search engines to find related links" (was on by default 
             and can now be turned off)
      - new: 18 new sources to grap articles added
 6.82 - fix: minor bug fixes
      - new: added new api version for spamvilla-recaptcha -
 6.81 - new: same popup menus for articles as in other project edits
      - new: import articles from folder
      - new: ability to sort articles
      - new: improved random video inserts
      - fix: minor bugs in article preview
      - fix: internal spinner uses correct encoding now
      - new: improved internal spinner to create more readable variations.
 6.80 - new: ability to use internal spinner based on thesaurus files from Libre/Open Office
             the results are not that readable though :/
      - fix: some minor issues with new article manager (e.g. duplicating projects)
 6.79 - new: article management that allows you to have more control about articles you submit
      - new: ability to add articles by online search (+ mixing them)
      - new: preview of articles (more preview templates will follow)
      - new: option to skip re-verification of engines with moving pages
      - new: added captcha service Captcha X
 6.78 - new: Video engine "CumulusClips" by cherub added (Thanks for sharing!)
      - new: ability to import/export account data using site:login:password format
      - new: improved account import / export (e.g. filtered by engines)      
      - new: index check improved
      - fix: one email verification bug that made some engines not work at all
      - new: set css style for random images to "border:0px;"
 6.77 - fix: minor bug in new related_url_link macro
      - new: again less memory usage
 6.76 - fix: indexer was not working
      - new: auto %spinfolder% auto converts badly encoded data
      - fix: submitted to same URL more than once even though not wanted in settings
      - new: columnspin macro will allow you to use csv/tab formated files
      - new: less memory usage
      - new: macro %related_url_link% -
 6.75 - new: added a new indexing service
 6.74 - fix: major memory leak
 6.73 - new: improved verify of imported URLs
 6.72 - fix: issue with reverify of tier links
 6.71 - fix: bug in saving data for new projects (sorry)
 6.70 - fix: bugs from new scheduled posting version
 6.69 - new: scheduled posting (settings for how many accounts per site, urls per account, 
             first post without links...). Thanks to James who helped the last days finding many bugs.
      - new: added a new Indexing service -
      - new: 5 new engines added (Adult-Video, Directories, Web2.0)
      - new: speed improved (just startup might be slower due to data conversion)
      - new: progressbar when deduping target url cache
      - new: improved some engines
      - new: better %link% variations (<a, <A, href, HREF, using " ' or none)
      - new: much better verification system
      - fix: minor bugs in dedupe functions
      - fix: bugs in script engine
 6.68 - fix: minor bug in new account saving
 6.67 - new: improved icons
      - new: first internal changes for scheduled posting
      - new: improved some engines
 6.66 - new: macro %random_articlemix% that will...
             download many articles related to your projects keyword and mix it's content
             to build a new one - see for more
      - new: some engine simproved
      - new: improved internal macro usage
      - new: ability to remove duplicates from target url imports
 6.65 - fix: minor bug from previous build in thread pool
 6.64 - new: content search improved
      - new: articles from content search are now improved by internal routines 
             (links removed, proper line feeds, heading insert...)
      - new: a lot new filter options for tier projects
      - new: improved link search for random url inserts
 6.63 - new: improved random url insert behaviour
      - new: better dialog for verified url removal
      - new: improved some engines
      - new: improved dat files (more data variations for names, addresses and so on)
      - new: improved random content search
      - new: added some more content search engines (16+ new sources for videos and images)
      - new: added new sources for public proxies
      - fix: minor bug in cookie manager
 6.62 - new: improved target extraction from verified urls
      - new: improved some engines
      - new: some search engine parsing improved
 6.61 - new: new option to get target URLs linking on same verified URL
      - new: some engines improved
      - new: more debug data
 6.60 - fix: minor bugs in script engine (XPressEngine should use random URL now e.g.)
      - new: ability to remove special PR data from site lists (e.g. only PR<3)
 6.59 - new: ability to check just "Unknown PR" for PR-Update in Show verified URLs dialog
      - new: option to specify where keywords have to appear to accept a site as target
      - new: improved content search behaviour
      - new: data_url macro content get removed for certain engines that do not allow this
      - new: less memory usage
 6.58 - fix: minor bug in content length from ArticleBuilder
      - new: re-verify will mark timeout's differently in show verified urls.
      - new: some engines improved
      - fix: another cookie bug
 6.57 - fix: minor bug on random content inserts
      - new: suggested categories can be added
      - fix: minor bug on cookie manager again (httponly / secure string)
 6.56 - fix: minor bug on cookie manager
      - new: improved drupal engine
      - new: better editing of category
 6.55 - new: option to insert a random video in article at a random position
      - fix: issue with %tag% using keywords in some situations
      - fix: another issue on email verification
      - new: improved cookie handling
      - fix: minor bug on script engine on %random% macro
      - fix: minor bug on insert up to xyz random urls/images/videos
      - new: added social bookmarking engine "WPRO SOSBOK"
 6.54 - new: improved drupal engine
      - new: progress bar for "remove duplicates"
 6.53 - fix: another email verification bug
      - new: improved content search (%random_*% macros)
      - new: improved some engines
 6.52 - fix: minor bug in email verification
 6.51 - new: improved search engine parsing speed
      - new: improved cookie handler
      - new: improved email parsing/speed
 6.49 - new: one new URL shortener engine added
      - fix: MegaOCR captcha support was broken
      - new: URL Shortener
 6.48 - new: improved variations of article links
      - new: improved some engines
      - new: added a new directory engine
 6.47 - new: started with online docu -
      - new: debug data for email parsing
      - new: some engines improved
      - fix: bug in adding random links
      - fix: project stop and scheduler issue
      - fix: import verified URLs was broken for non http:// URLs
      - fix: one proxy option was not saved
 6.46 - new: tier projects will load URLs from main project in improved intervals
      - new: option to take root-URL in some variations can have a % setting now
      - new: improved parsing of search engine replies with encoded urls
      - new: added new spin service SpinBandit -
      - new: updated article builder categories
      - new: improved proxy ban detection for search engines
 6.45 - new: improved search engine parsing
      - new: improved random content search
      - new: improved some engines
      - fix: minor bug in search engine submission
      - new: ability to import url filter for more than one projects using popup menu
 6.44 - new: improved random content search
      - new: improved remove duplicate url/domain from site lists
      - new: captcha service test for MegaOCR, SpamVilla and BeatCaptchas
      - new: import of Target URLs is more randomized
      - new: improved some engines
      - new: improved search engine handling and search for target urls
 6.43 - new: improved email validation
      - fix: improved some engines
      - new: insert of random urls and images can be fine tuned
      - fix: minor bugs on script engine
 6.42 - new: URLs who failed Re-Verification get saved 
             Viewable with right click on project->Show URLs->...
      - new: ability to use a RSS Feed in project URL (use EDIT menu next to the field)
             This will crawl the URL in intervals and build links to the URLs 
             found in the feed.
      - new: macros %file% and %spinfolder% support URLs as argument
      - new: ability to save and load templates including options, data fields 
             and engine selection
      - new: ability to test proxies of anonymous usage
      - new: proxy option to remove none anonymous proxies
      - new: some engines improved
      - new: popup menus entries improved (sub menus)
 6.41 - fix: some issues with new captcha setups (sorry was hard to find/Debug)
 6.40 - new: option to automatically disable proxies who got banned by search engines
      - fix: issue with askmybot and new captcha settings
 6.39 - new: ability to use as many captcha services as wanted (previously only 2)
      - new: improved search engine parsing
      - new: added one new search engine
      - new: improved some engines
 6.38 - fix: fixed %anchor_text% macro usage in other anchor text input boxes
      - new: improved captcha handling
      - fix: remove duplicates from sites lists had same files in query box
      - new: improved email extraction
      - fix: bug on new indexemperor
      - new: improved status for lindexed indexer
      - new: ability to import email accounts with format "email---password"
      - new: frame/iframe links are extracted now as well and get detected as backlinks
      - new: improved some engines (tikiwiki and vanilla allows forum posts now)
 6.37 - new: added indexing service IndexEmperor -
      - fix: minor issues on script engine
      - new: improved label extraction for forms
      - new: improved some engines
 6.36 - new: captcha handing improved
      - new: ability to change timing settings in hours/days
      - new: %random_video% macro improved
      - new: improved some engines
      - fix: possible link creation on image-alt tags
 6.35 - new: some engines improved
      - fix: removed so called "sneaky method to inject GSA links" entries from
             default generic_urls.dat file.
             Keep in mind that this was just a sample and was only used when things
             like "GSA SER" was present on your article. No big thing, but seems as
             people like to make a big deal out of everything.
 6.34 - new: added more user agents
      - new: improved search engine parsing
      - new: better log message on proxy problems for search engine parsing
 6.33 - fix: one minor bug on url parsing
      - new: ability to edit "user agents" in user_agents.dat file
      - new: option to restart projects on new active proxies
 6.32 - new: option to create citation (no link in article but branding anchor)
      - new: option to stop a project rather than pause it
 6.31 - new: improved some engines
      - new: added some missing macros in popup menu
      - new: improved script engine a bit
 6.30 - new: improved some engines
      - new: improved multi-form data using filenames
      - new: improved resubmit due to captcha error detection
 6.29 - fix: stupid bug from previous build where I somehow removed the %file% macro :(
             Seems as I didn'T copy/pasted it for the new macro but overwrote the old one...again sorry
 6.28 - new: added over 50 new URL Shortener engines
      - new: macros %spinfolder_data_url% and %data_url% to insert base64 encoded data 
             uri scheme content without the need to upload images anywhere.
             See here for details
 6.27 - new: improved pligg engine (again)
      - fix: bug in script engine from yesterday build when using "post data"
      - new: allows the usage of %datetime% macro in "search term"
 6.26 - new: added MegaOCR as captcha provider -
      - new: added SpamVilla (recapcha only) as captcha provider -
      - fix: minor bug fixes on script engine
      - new: improved some engines
      - new: added some more generic anchor texts (thanks to the one pointed out 
             the source on our forum)
      - fix: LinkCentaur indexing bug
 6.25 - new: 7 new URL Shortener engines
      - new: improved other engines
      - new: indexing service added
      - fix: trackback submission was not working in last version
 6.24 - new: improved some captcha types
      - new: email account import from popup menu will delete existing emails if wanted
      - new: added article engine Zendesk (uses recaptcha)
      - new: added 25 new URL Shortener engines
 6.23 - new: added nearly 30 new URL Shortener engines (YOURLS with no fixed url and many targets)
      - fix: minor bug fixes
      - new: improved script engine a bit
 6.22 - new: added 4 new engines (forum/BBS and Guestbook)
      - fix: minor bugs in script engine fixed
 6.21 - fix: yet another bugfix, but this time on an engine script that produced a loop
             and later an out of memory exception (script checks for this misconfiguration now)
 6.20 - fix: another possible memory leak
 6.19 - fix: possible memory leak
      - new: improved some engines
      - new: improved speed a bit
 6.18 - new: ability to use new macros %random_image and %random_video% who will insert a 
             random video/image to your content related to the projects keywords/anchor text
      - new: option to delete none working proxies after a set time
      - new: option to automatically insert keyword related images to article
      - new: you can define your own random searchable content in the file content_search.dat
             Just use %random_XYZ% as macro where XYZ stands for type=XYZ defined in content_search.dat
             As a sample %random_article% was added that uses your keywords to find a article for you to post
      - new: improved script engine
      - new: improved anyhor text variations
 6.17 - fix: another issue with search paramaters
 6.16 - fix: small issue with search query modification
 6.15 - new: search engines improved (one added)
      - new: search queries look more natural now (e.g. page parameter is cut from parameters for page 1)
      - new: next page link from search results is used instead of the one the software generated
             (google e.g. tracks the click by ei=...)
      - new: some engines improved
      - fix: minor fixes on script engine
 6.14 - new: improved some engines
      - fix: issue with redirect and cookies
      - new: the order of search query parameters and query string itself is now 
             randomized to look more natural
      - new: better captcha handling/retry
      - new: ability to use predefined masks when selecting projects
      - new: added new project modes (search only and search+verify)
 6.13 - fix: issue with some search engines that got blocked if they could not get a cookie
      - new: debug data for search engines
      - new: search queries are now more randomized
      - new: minor things improved others fixed
 6.12 - fix: small bug in re-verification (was broken in last build)
 6.11 - new: improved verification speed
      - fix: one macro bug display in TEST
      - new: you get asked what type of proxies you import (private/public)
 6.10 - new: more anchor text options (partial match, lsi, branding)
             see here:
      - fix: minor issue in proxy handling
 6.09 - new: added one more URL Shortener engine
      - new: improved anchor text insertion
      - fix: first_paragraph macro was not working correctly
      - new: improved proxy checking/handling
 6.08 - new: added 19 new engines (URL Shortener)
      - fix: a link type skip resulted in an empty url for some submissions
      - new: improved some engines
      - fix: bug in form extraction that was using method POST when it should 
             have used GET if nothing was defined.
      - new: improved first_paragraph macro behaviour
 6.07 - new: added "ViMP" as a new video engine
      - new: ability to save stats text output into CSV format
      - new: ability to show stats for site lists based on comparison between lists (list1 vs list2)
      - new: better proxy testing
      - new: ability to choose 7/14 day reporting in charts/statistics
 6.06 - new: added 3 new (adult) video engines (two with blog/article posting)
      - fix: minor bug in script engine
      - new: create bugreport on help menu in case you see it freez or alike
 6.05 - new: changed category of the new adult site engines
      - new: update for new xindexer format
      - new: improved variations for alternative anchor texts
 6.04 - new: added 4 new (adult) video engines (two with blog/article posting, rest with profiles only)
      - new: domain as anchor text is converted to a more readable format as well now.
 6.03 - new: some engines improved
      - new: generic anchor is placed with original anchor in a better readable way
      - fix: some minor bugs fixed
      - new: improved wrong captcha detection input and resubmit
 6.02 - fix: another issue in global site list usage
 6.00 - new: improved script language (captch failer detection + retry)
      - fix: country label was wrong in some cases
      - new: better speed for global site list
      - new: improved blocking detection for proxies and pr/search engines
 5.99 - new: ability to import site lists as target urls
 5.98 - new: possible search engine ban warning in log
      - new: possible dead proxy warning in log
      - new: possible PR block warning in log
      - new: updated #file_links macro with range of lines to insert (check macro guide)
      - new: country name in verified urls hint
      - new: proxy export/copy in ip:port:login:password format
      - new: some engines improved
 5.97 - new: improved new generic_urls functions
 5.96 - fix: yes another issue with scheduler
      - new: some engines improved
      - new: generic_urls.dat can have a new format that let's you define what URLs to 
             insert for what anchor texts (e.g.,GSA,SER,CaptchaBreaker)
             The old format with is of course still working.
 5.95 - fix: thread issue fixed
 5.94 - fix: some other issues on scheduler
      - new: improved detail url search
 5.93 - new: article engine "XpressEngine"
      - new: blog comment engine "BlogEngine" (thanks to cnhx)
      - new: option to skip proxy for identification
      - new: option for articles to place link in-between text instead of adding it at the end
      - new: option to skip posting to subdomain urls and urls with ip instead of a domain
      - fix: bug in scheduler for running at exact date/time
 5.92 - fix: minor bug in tier projects getting empty URLs from main one.
 5.91 - new: added better default content for image, guestbook and about yourself data
      - new: added some more dat files that can be used for scripts (see engines folder)
      - new: improved some scripts
      - new: improved script engine
      - new: improved email parsing
 5.90 - fix: processing files above 2GB in file size (imports, site lists)
      - new: improved scheduler
      - new: ability to use captcha services only if the backlink will probably 
             be a do-follow link
      - new: improved do-follow/no-follow link detection
      - new: ability to add URLs to global blacklist filter in "Show URLs" dialog
      - new: some engines improved
      - new: added some more generic anchors
      - new: less cpu usage for verify only status projects
 5.89 - new: find settings for email data is using existing projects to read data
      - new: improved some engines
      - fix: possible bug in proxy usage (https was sometimes not used with proxy)
 5.88 - new: improved pligg engine and some others
      - new: improved link type filter for project startup
      - new: ability to switch sound notification on/off for captcha input window
      - fix: one possible freez bug for verifications
 5.87 - new: ability to filter backlink types (e.g. skip profiles, forum post or others)
      - new: some engines improved
 5.86 - fix: minor bugs in script language which could have cause all kinds of issues
      - new: improved some email engines
 5.85 - new: improved script language
      - new: added new forum engine Free PHP Message Board (nofollow)
      - new: improved cookie handling
      - new: improved json html queries
      - new: improved some engines
 5.84 - new: many engines improved
      - fix: one possible loop bug with 100% cpu usage
      - fix: URLs with %XX encoding will no longer be changed on submission
      - new: web forms who restrict the length of URLs are ignored
      - new: option to either use anchor texts or keywords as tags
 5.83 - fix: minor gui bug
 5.82 - new: speed improved (search/verification/submission)
      - new: PR checking is not done anymore for submitted sites but only when verification is successful
      - new: fix on some engine scripts
      - new: URL of captcha source is sent to CaptchaBreaker for better debugging
 5.81 - fix: issues in some engine scripts
 5.80 - fix: again a bug on account creation
      - fix: project preview issue
      - new: improved blogtronix engine
      - new: improved email extraction speed
 5.79 - new: improved solve of math captchas
      - new: improved some engines
      - fix: bug in saving account data (possible memory issue fix)
 5.78 - new: links are now verified on submission if possible
      - new: improved some engines
      - new: way less memory usage (though no leak was found)
      - new: speed should have been increased a lot (disable the keyword collection for even more)       
      - new: new macro %first_paragraph-<varname>%
      - new: ability to export account data in a more readable format
 5.77 - new: another improment in memory usage
      - fix: minor fix on decaptcha api
 5.76 - new: fixed some gui display problems
      - new: added icons for engines as far as present
      - new: improved some engines
      - new: improved memory usage
 5.75 - fix: major fix from previous version (was totally broken sorry)
 5.74 - new: added 8 new temp email providers
      - new: less memory usage from cookies
      - new: other minor fixes on speed
 5.73 - new: option for articles to insert random URLs
             Some people use it to make your article look more natural (not only niche
             related links, but also general links)
      - new: another improve on the drupal engine
 5.72 - fix: the option "disable proxy" was never used for importing site lists
      - fix: minor bugs in TEST display
      - new: improved link checking code (way faster/less memory usage)
      - new: improved some engines
 5.71 - new: added support for indexer linkpipe -
      - new: again engines improved
      - new: increased speed for form/multipart submissions
 5.70 - new: progress in log for verification
      - new: improved dripal based engines
      - fix: minor bugs in script engine
 5.69 - fix: auto add anchor url bug from previous build
      - new: improved speed of form submission
      - fix: minor bug with !.domain syntax in filter
 5.68 - fix: issue with "max length" and "auto add anchor url" in scripts which sometimes added
             the link at the end and which got cut later again
      - new: ability to export URLs with format "URL - PRX"
      - new: improved speed once more
      - new: again some engines improved
      - fix: bug in #trans macro that would create a wrong html syntax
 5.67 - new: improved submission speed
      - new: less memory usage
      - fix: bug in thread usage
 5.66 - new: improved some engines
      - new: improved speed and lowered cpu usage
 5.65 - new: added new directory engine "Aardvark Topsites"
      - new: improved speed again a bit
      - new: improved drupal engine
 5.64 - fix: minor bug on fixed url engines
      - new: improved php link directory engine
      - fix: minor bug on %file% macro when used in URL field
 5.63 - fix: bug with WAC ID import
      - new: improved again some engines
      - new: improved speed for submission/search
      - new: search engine "Google RND" added which uses random google IPs to do the search
             could improve speed and not getting banned that fast
 5.62 - fix: minor bug in account export from projects
      - new: a chosen anchor text is now influencing the spin result to make 
             sure it is turning into a link later on to not place a link at the end of the article
      - new: macro %spinfolderdelete% that will use the content from a random
             file in a folder and delete it after usage
      - new: improved some engines
      - new: improved submission speed
 5.61 - fix: minor issues in script engine
      - new: better submission speed
      - new: optimized engines
      - new: added a new engine called "Twitter Clone Script" (thanks to Ozz)
             (almost 100% success rate with GSA Captcha Breaker)
 5.60 - new: improved speed with loading big URL lists in macros
      - new: support for new ~{variant1|variant2|�|variantn} spin syntax
             introduced by
      - new: some engines improved
      - fix: minor issue on "auto add anchor url"
      - new: the script value "static=2" now means to remove certain static data from 
             next successful submission (like a password set link for first registration)
 5.59 - fix: another issue with cached PR values
 5.58 - fix: PR checking was damaged from previous build (sorry)
 5.57 - new: ability to save PR with URLs in site list (off by default)
      - new: improved cookie handling
 5.56 - fix: small issues with global site list parser
      - new: two new directory engine added "PHP Link manager" and "Unesourisetmoi.ini"
             please note that they require a reciprocal link (or a trick)
 5.55 - fix: issue with engine files having no "page must have" or "url must have"
      - fix: minor issues with serengine api
      - fix: problem with profile images
 5.54 - fix: another fix to read random file lines (+speed improved and unicode support)
      - new: some engines improved
      - new: improved TEST preview
 5.53 - fix: problem with small files to read a random line
 5.52 - new: added a new blog comment engine ShowNews (thanks to the one provided it)
      - new: improved some engine
      - fix: bug in cookie system
      - new: automatic update check for (when api key is entered)
      - new: ability to choose a profile image for some engines
      - fix: possible bug in scheduler when using exact time/date to start/stop
      - fix: bug in link extraction (one invalid html syntax is corrected in 
             most browsers so now also here)
      - new: ability to select urls in "show urls" dialog by max external links
      - new: submission speed improved a bit
      - fix: add URL for projects did not accept "https://" as input and corrected it it http://https://
 5.51 - fix: previous build might have posted URLs on artiles twice
 5.50 - new: improved script engine
      - new: added new forum engine "SEO-Board"
 5.49 - new: improved debug mode
      - new: added new forum engine FruitShow (not much targets)
      - new: added new social network engine "Plone"
      - new: improved script engine a bit
      - new: ability to import emails for multiple projects on main form
 5.48 - new: directory engine "MyPHPAnnuaire" added
      - new: email blacklist check is done for all spin syntax combinations
      - new: pligg engine improved a lot
 5.47 - new: updated some engines
      - new: improved category matching
      - new: added social network engine "Ground CTRL"
      - new: added article engine "Article Friendly Ultimate"
      - new: some additions to script language
      - new: ability to show anchor text report only for selected URLs
 5.46 - new: added a new directory engine
      - new: added a new wiki engine - DocuWiki
      - new: added a new category Wiki
 5.45 - new: improved MacOSWiki engine and some others
 5.44 - new: added MacOSWiki engine
      - new: some engines improved
      - new: WikkaWiki engine added (Thanks to skoh)
      - new: expand/collapse state is now remembered on startup
      - new: automatic disable of proxy option is splitted into private/public proxies
 5.42 - new: improved drupal and dolphin engine
      - new: improved auto correction for wrongly used macros
      - new: better logs for email verification
 5.41 - fix: a memory leak from previous version
 5.40 - fix: fix for upcoming SEREngines service
 5.39 - new: some improvements to the debug mode
      - new: %verified_domain% and %verified_host% macro that can be used to have 
             e.g. <a href="%verified_url">%verified_domain%</a> and not have a 
             different URL in the anchor text when using %verified_url% for it.
      - new: improved script engine and the "try to continue without verification" behaviour.
      - new: improved drupal-blog and BuddyPress engine
 5.38 - new: improved submission speed
      - new: improved some engines again
      - new: script engine improved (tries to reregister on a failed login)
 5.37 - new: added two new (silly) engines and there category (Exploit)
      - new: improved statusnet engine
      - new: again speed improved
 5.36 - new: improved submission speed
      - new: improved some engines
      - new: show exact error message for failed pop3-login tests
 5.35 - fix: one bug in unicode conversion that could have caused random crashes
      - new: improved submission speed
      - new: some engines improved
      - fix: some minor bugs in email configuration
 5.34 - fix: again some freez bug (sorry hard to debug/find)
 5.33 - fix: some freez bugs
      - new: should be faster on submission/verification
      - new: more proxy configurations (select between private/public proxies)
 5.32 - fix: bug when editing a running project (random crash)
      - new: one engine improved
 5.31 - fix: one memory leak that might have caused some strange freezes
 5.30 - new: improved statusNet engine
      - new: ability to sort list of last verified URLs (popup menu to sort by PR)
      - new: ability to edit/delete engine selection templates
      - new: option to stop projects when 0 proxies are available
 5.29 - new: improved speed during email checking
      - new: improved captcha processing for mor ethan one captcha glued together to one
      - fix: email blacklist check didn't work that well
      - fix: email account import from clipboard didn't work
 5.28 - new: removed icons from log as this slowed things down
      - new: improved submission speed a bit more
 5.27 - fix: one possible out-off-memory bug where %link% is used in 
             %anchor_text% making it recusively insert things
      - new: captcha status field is also counting "AskMeBot" captchas now
      - new: ability to import email accounts from clipboard
      - new: improved some engines
      - new: ability to create rss feeds from last verified URLs
      - new: speed improved (almost no thread-waiting-loops)
      - new: ability to uncheck engines that use email verification
      - new: select popup menu for projects
      - fix: bug with verification of hash tags URLs
      - new: improved url import with auto correction
 5.26 - new: ability to use temporary web email systems like
      - new: ability to use scheduler with regular running projects
      - new: ability to set priority for all projects in a group
      - new: ability to set status for all projects in a group
 5.25 - new: ability to re-verify existing links automatically
             Please note that a tier project will also remove existing URLs,
             if the main project removed the URL that the build link points to.
      - fix: critical bug that might have caused random craches on verification
      - new: more supported formats for email account import
      - new: import of accounts is correcting wrong formats
      - new: improved some engines
      - new: speed for verification improved
      - fix: minor gui/config bugs for new email dialog fixed
 5.24 - new: ability to import emails with a different format
      - fix: one macro on URLs was ignored on project edit
      - fix: search engine selection was not possible in last build
 5.23 - new: ability to use unlimited number of added email accounts for registration
      - new: improved script engine a bit
      - fix: whois site detection improved
      - new: ability to reset statistics on status bar by mouse click
      - fix: indexification service was excedently disabled by last update, please
             check global option and reactivate if you used this
 5.22 - fix: fix for engine by awint
      - new: improved drupal based engines
      - new: improved script engine
      - fix: minor bug in script engine
      - new: improved proxy checking
 5.21 - new: added support for XIndexer
      - fix: one bug with engines and fixed URLs fixed
      - new: imported target URLs with a wrong format are now automatically corrected
 5.20 - fix: some memory leaks in scheduler and email verification
      - new: custom mode window is keeping position and size in mind
      - new: "Edit All" for URLs in project setting
 5.19 - new: auto correction of wrongly added URLs
      - new: improved verification
      - new: ability to load/save engine selection
      - new: improved email verification speed
      - new: improved some engines
 5.18 - new: added support for BigContentSearch -
      - new: no thread-finish-waits before starting to verify
      - new: speed increased as submissions can now be started in-between verifications
      - new: speed for competitor analysis improved
      - new: option to put keywords in quotes or not
      - new: sortable search engine box
      - new: sort search engines by check state
      - fix: minor GUI bug fixed in project options
      - new: text captcha resolve success/failed is showing in log
 5.17 - fix: bug with "setting reload" and slow down of projects
      - new: a whois site that has the checking domain in sub-domain is now found and used
      - new: improved Fast Indexer engine
      - fix: captcha counter in status bar was counting wrong
 5.16 - fix: project edit or creating a new project didn't work that fast any more
 5.15 - new: added basic support for (still in beta)
      - new: improved TEST behaviour
 5.14 - new: improved behaviour of spinfolder when used on same input field more than once.
 5.13 - fix: one bug in drigg engine fixed
      - new: project option to skip hard to solve captchas
      - new: projects that go into pause will now actively verify all URLs to not waste resources
 5.12 - fix: critical bug when using to many %random_url% or %random_anchor% macros recusively
 5.11 - new: fixed some engines
      - new: added engine tblogs (thanks to theorbital)
      - new: number of total URLs in site list stats
      - new: improved hint display
      - new: improved url/anchor variation when using %random_url% or %random_anchor_text%
 5.10 - new: added Aska BBS as new engine (even though it's a BBS I added it under forum)
             (make sure to update GSA Captcha Breaker as well for 100% solve rates)
      - new: added files "auto_anchor.dat" and "auto_anchor-article.dat% to let you
             edit the text that gets added to articles if no link was defined.
      - new: ability to count items in (secondary)anchor text when clicking "click to count" label
      - new: sent captchas are showing in status bar
      - new: scheduler options are saved
      - new: ability to start with "-scheduler" in command line
      - new: added a new indexing service -
      - new: improved indexing with large URLs
      - new: added French directory engine Fractalum
 5.09 - new: ability to import ping urls from clipboard
      - new: auto correction of unicode encoded files in macros
      - new: ability to delete all ping URLs from popup menu
      - new: added French directory engine Utilisable
             (can use latest GSA Captcha Breaker to solve captchas by 100% success rate)
      - new: improved speed a bit
 5.08 - new: submission speed increased
      - new: way less memory usage when having a lot URLs or keywords
      - new: improved speed with a lot URLs in project
      - new: ability to pause submission based on amount of project URLs
 5.07 - new: improved captcha handling (yes even for outdated CS)
      - new: added French directory engine VLinks (not many targets)
      - fix: minor bug fixes on project edit
      - new: improved verification speed
 5.06 - new: ability to copy/open link URL in verified URL dialog
      - new: improved speed for indexer/ping
      - fix: some minor issues on project test again
      - new: test window is scrolling to the last shown line if you test again
      - new: improved calculation replacements (thanks to GG).
      - fix: bug in NLI-indexer
      - new: macro content from a URL will be downloaded at least 3 times in a row
             before giving up
      - fix: export in crawl online was not exporting unicode chars correctly
      - fix: bug in secondary anchor popup menu
      - new: improved UCenter engine     
 5.05 - new: improved some engines
      - new: html code for engines with custom link code (wikis) is now removed
      - new: better output for TEST
      - new: ability to choose what indexer service to use per project (default all)
 5.04 - new: ability to unspin things (remove spin syntax for important words)
      - new: warning popup for to many threads removed
      - new: added about 200 new questions/answers
      - new: improved blogtronix engine
      - new: ability to resize search engine box
      - new: ability to use macros for ping-URLs (e.g. to load them from a file instead)
      - new: ability to use macros in global blacklist
      - fix: bug in import/export of settings/data fields
      - new: improved import of verified URLs
 5.03 - fix: bug in sequence URL usage option
      - fix: bug in pause projectt option from last build
 5.02 - new: added a new social network engine "NING"
      - new: improved internal script functions
      - fix: minor bug in pause submission option
      - new: improved some other engines
      - fix: bug with import/export of options for a project
 5.01 - new: added a new directory engine
      - new: improved blogtronix engine
      - fix: minor bugs in script engine (some new commands as well for kohany)
      - fix: possible freeze bug with new "Use if PR" option for captcha systems
      - fix: some TEST display issues
      - new: on many URLs for a project you can now choose to use them not randomly but in sequence
      - new: shows word count for project edit memos
 5.00 - new: guestbook engine "QuickTalk" (uses a trick to place a link but without anchor text)
      - new: option to only build tier links if PR of a site is bigger than a set value
      - fix: new scheduler option from previous build was causing problems
      - new: ability to use certain captcha providers only if PR matches
      - fix: problem from previous build with CaptchaBreaker-Test
             (just test failed, captchas have been submitted)
      - fix: project creation or edit is no longer changing tree structure
 4.99 - new: ability to change font size in project edit
      - new: improved speed of GUI for project edit
      - new: added a new directory engine called "PHPWK" (German only)
      - new: scheduler option to stop projects that go into "Active (P)" status
 4.98 - new: ability to copy/paste the engine selection in project
      - fix: option to not verify links was slowing down link building
      - new: improved captcha sending to CaptchaBreaker
      - new: improved script engine
      - new: improved form parser
 4.97 - new: ability to insert all macros from edit-popup menu
      - new: ability to use macros in filters
      - new: option to remove to-verify URLs after first check
      - new: skiplist for URL/domain is now accepting exact word match only unless *badword* is used
      - new: the file type in project (preview image, document) edit allows you to choose
             more than one file (get converted to spin syntax).            
      - new: ability to reverify failed verifications
      - new: improved some engines
      - new: ability to choose fields to import data
      - fix: bug with importing WAC content
      - new: ability to delete multiple URLs from a project
 4.96 - new: improved speed on submission
      - new: more debug data on submissions
      - new: ability to move groups
 4.95 - new: ability to import keywords in different format
      - new: ability to edit file names in spin syntax (preview, document)
      - new: thread setting is applied after leaving option
      - new: larger drop down box for option box
      - fix: -autostart as command line should work again
      - fix: bug with AutoFill
 4.94 - new: added new engine "XZero Classified"
      - new: ability to import KontentMachine from more than one file to make it spin able     
      - new: option to import question/answers from other search engine ranker installations
      - new: ability to use "-delhistory" as command line to always delete the history on startup
      - new: improved speed and minor (possible) bugs
      - fix: project tree didn't had correct number of submitted/verified links if the
             group was labelled the same as the project
      - new: improved email verification speed
      - fix: minor bugs on TEST
 4.93 - fix: minor bugs on variable replacements
      - new: email is always lower case (whatever macro you use here)
      - fix: several fixes for the TEST in project
      - fix: bug in whois site submission
      - fix: editor warned about wrong spin syntax where it actually was OK
      - new: ability to export submitted link with submission-start date or timeout-date
 4.92 - new: added another trackback engine that will use a different format when displayed
      - fix: minor bug when handling text-captchas
      - fix: minor bug with "Continuously try to post to a site even if failed before"
      - new: added support for upcoming
      - new: memory and cpu stats at the bottom
 4.91 - new: ability to show diagram/chart for submitted URLs
      - new: option "Continuously try to post to a site even if failed before"
      - new: option to delete emails after X days
      - new: ability to set what global site lists to use in project
      - new: ability to merge projects (popup menu on project->modify->merge)
 4.90 - fix: image html for mediawiki is converted differently now
      - new: improved email verification
 4.89 - new: added a new Microblog engine called "Blogtronix"
      - new: ability to set custom retry for captchas in project
      - new: improved speed for email parsing/verification
      - new: improved email parsing (base64 encoded mime parts e.g. didn't get parsed)
      - new: the URL for questions is saved to the file
 4.88 - new: improved detail-url-search
      - fix: manual submission to lindexed improved
      - fix: copy in spin convert did not copy unicode
      - fix: ctrl+a is working in spin convert
      - fix: position of windows is loaded/saved correctly
      - new: %verified_url% and %verified_anchor_text% macro get replaced in TEST as well
      - fix: bug with %verified_url% macro
 4.87 - new: img-tags get converted to correct wiki syntax
      - fix: bug with "verify all urls on next run"
      - new: resizeable project-choose-dialog
 4.86 - fix: the %random_anchor_text% was sometimes using a wrong anchor text for %random_url%
      - new: further improvement in no dupe sending URLs to indexers
 4.85 - new: added as new captcha service
      - new: improved speed and fixed some minor bugs
      - new: duplicate verified URLs will no longer been sent to Indexers
      - fix: problem with #file[] macro
 4.84 - fix: bug in auto translation fixed
      - new: macros %verified_url% and %verified_anchor_text%
 4.83 - new: added Social Bookmark Engine Drigg
      - new: improved some other engines
 4.82 - fix: output in TEST was sometimes not replacing all variables
      - fix: bug in WAC parser
      - new: improved email verification
      - new: ability to delete all none working proxy providers by popup menu
 4.81 - fix: another bug in export data fields
      - fix: possible bug on scheduler
 4.80 - fix: secondary anchor text was not imported/exported correctly
      - new: added support for upcoming GSA Captcha Breaker
      - new: ability to set a custom interval to verify links
 4.79 - fix: possible bug on site list processing
      - new: a link is inserted to a random position if more than one position is found in the
             content (before it was using the first one only)
      - new: improved ExpressionEngine forum engine
 4.78 - fix: small issues in gui (advanced settings)
      - new: improved submission speed a bit
 4.77 - fix: some other minor bug fixes
      - new: improved verification speed
      - fix: TEST produced some left macros not getting replaced correctly
 4.76 - new: added social network engine "UCenter" (not 100% perfect as I can't read Japanese)
      - new: improved speed on macro use
      - new: warning when proxy test string is the same as the test URL
      - new: ability to import proxy sites from file
      - fix: creating a new project was not clearing memo
      - new: proxy handling further improved
      - new: improved generic anchor text usage
      - new: content filter is now only checking the readable text
      - new: ability to use macros for email settings
 4.75 - fix: edit proxy sources by hand didn't work
      - new: ability to use more than 300 threads for proxy searcher
      - fix: ability to delete unchecked proxy sources
      - fix: import accounts from file didn't work
 4.74 - fix: another fix (sorry)
 4.73 - fix: bug from previous build
 4.72 - new: no try to create accounts if there are present account data
      - new: option to always put an anchor+url in comments/description if possible
      - fix: some links got detected as verified but they have only been visible when logged in
      - new: ability to abort automatic proxy testing
      - new: many engines improved
      - new: ability to choose engines for "remove duplicate URLs/domains"
 4.71 - fix: minor bug in submission
 4.70 - new: added support for XRcontent (
      - new: added new forum engine PHP-Nuke
 4.69 - new: improved email parsing speed
      - new: only new emails are parsed (just on first check all are parsed)
      - new: ability to backup/restore global settings
      - new: ability to load keywords in site list searches
      - fix: starting of CaptchaSniper is no longer loading it twice
      - fix: search engines by language -> german was not working
      - new: ability to add anchors from clipboard/file
 4.68 - new: added engine "Joomla - Blog"
      - new: added engine "Press Release Script" (based on YAD)
      - fix: some Web 2.0 engines fixed (they changed the way to sign up and didn't work anymore)
      - fix: minor bug in "fixed URL" sites
      - new: ability to change setting to use "PR of Domain, SubDomain or Page"
      - new: improved Drupal - Blog engine
      - new: improved random login creation (more variations)
      - new: ability to delete account data when deleting target url history
      - new: ability to automatically translate the German and Polish input fields for a project
      - fix: minor bug fix in #trans...#notrans macro
 4.67 - new: progress bar for functions in show URLs dialog
      - fix: minor bug in email format check in project edit
      - new: removed yesterdays "restart CaptchaSniper" function again as it
             somehow got CS crashed badly
      - new: minor speed improves
 4.66 - fix: #file_links for %anchor_text% didn't work when no spin syntax was used
      - fix: scheduler had some problems on systems running for many many weeks
      - new: ability to restart CaptchaSniper every 30 minutes (in case you have
             this memory leak bug from CS)
      - new: ability to choose "backup all" without selecting all projects
 4.65 - new: better variations for "use url/domain as anchor text"
      - new: improved verification speed
      - fix: minor bug with proxy search
 4.64 - new: improved proxy searcher
      - new: improved beepworld engine
      - new: support for HyperSpinner format -
 4.63 - fix: minor bug in verification from last build
      - new: %random_url|anchor_text...% should now be usable for tier projects as well
 4.62 - new: ability to do a reverify/pr-update(index check for selected URLs only
      - new: improved some engines
      - new: improved email parsing speed
      - fix: another url-redirect-detection bug
      - fix: one possible memory leak
      - nfo: Unknown Guestbook 2 renamed to DMS Guestbook (thanks to Ozz)
      - new: Use domain as anchor text with XX% is now also using the full URL as anchor text in some variations (1/5)
      - new: ability to use %random_sanchor_text% as macro
      - fix: another bug when using %random_url% or %random_anchor_text%
 4.61 - fix: redirect-link-detection bug (seen on pligg engines)
 4.60 - new: added a basic default badword filter list that gets added to newly created projects.
             You still need to enable that option though.
      - new: ability to check countries in country filter by language
      - new: ability to create a RSS feed from verified URLs
      - new: added a new captcha service -
      - fix: minor bug on TEST again that could display %random_url% macro wrong.
             Anyway, that was just cosmetic, submission worked fine in the past.
 4.59 - fix: bug with line feeds on #file[] and #file_links[] macros
             when a path with \n was used.
      - fix: possible problem with macros in keywords fixed
      - new: improved proxy searcher
 4.58 - new: improved ReVou engine to not require captchas
      - new: improved YAD engine
 4.57 - new: ReVou doesn't need a captcha input anymore (we cheat a bit)
      - new: social network engine PHPizabi
      - new: some more variables in TEST get filled correctly
 4.56 - new: added two microblog engines (ReVou and Jisko)
      - new: ability to select search engines by supported syntax (inurl, intitle, ...)
      - new: ability to use %random_url% and %random_anchor_text% which will try
             to use an other random URL/anchor_text in the content. The difference
             to %url% and %anchor_text% is that it is not remembered during submission
             so make sure you use at least once %url% and %anchor_text% so the program
             knows what to verify.
      - new: ability to use %url1%, %url2%, %url3%,...
             to use no random URL but the exact one
      - new: ability to use %anchor_text1%, %anchor_text2%, %anchor_text3%,...
             to use no random anchor_text but the exact one
      - new: improved automatic result calculation of captchas
      - new: optimized proxy searcher
      - new: ability to import submitted URLs from another project
      - fix: import accounts from other projects didn't import the URLs correctly
      - fix: %keyword% on TEST is now handled the same as during submission
 4.55 - new: added support for WAC (Tools->Auto fill->WAC) -
      - new: ability to add all footprints of a category for site list searching
      - new: option to use proxies for pop3 access
      - fix: minor display bug in project tree
      - new: "Show left Target URLs" should perform much faster
 4.54 - fix: Article engine WordPress Article was broken
      - new: added blog engine Textcube (giving no follow links only as far as I know)
      - new: faster processing due to internal improved classes
      - fix: project edit->url export to clipboard did only export selected URL
 4.53 - fix: the custom search engine waiting time was used even if the field was checked but disabled
      - new: improved automatic form filling
      - new: social network engine "SocialEngine" by Ozz
      - new: added social network engine "DZOIC Handshakes" by Ozz
      - new: added ability to import bad word to multiple projects
      - fix: captcha was not forwarded to user in some situations
      - new: captcha platform is now changed to recaptcha/solvmedia/... 
             whenever a captcha provider supports that parameter
      - new: chinese search engine update to
      - new: improved detection of bookmark engines
      - fix: minor problem with tier projects fixed that use anchor text of main projects
      - new: option to only send URLs to indexer if PR is at least a set value
 4.52 - new: ability to set download retry for site lists
      - fix: spined content was not utf8 encoded
      - fix: bug in exact link verification (was sometimes taking root url as verified)
      - new: reverification + index check + pr update should now work much faster
      - fix: phoca guestbook engine was placing your link twice
      - new: proxy searcher can automatically exports working proxies to file
      - new: option to re-test previously working proxies
 4.51 - new: dynamic text captcha like "please type the word 'xyz' into the box below"
             getting solved now automatically
      - new: added 3 new guestbook engines
      - new: improved gallery2 and general blogs engine
      - new: ability to use #grabbed macro (copy your xgrab.txt file to the program folder)
             See macro_guide.pdf for details.
      - new: calculation for textcaptchas improved
      - fix: some minor bugs in gui
 4.50 - new: new microblog engine added by Ozz
      - new: spin syntax can now use { Hallo| Hello| Bonjour|...}
             This will make sure to post to the site with the same domain. 
             E.g. on it would post "Hello" on a .fr 
             site it would post "Bonjour".
      - new: ability to set spell error in %      
      - new: ability to choose searche engines by more languages than just English
      - new: ability to parse sitemaps in "Crawl Online" dialog
      - new: improved anchor usage for tier projects
      - new: url root-url-modification for tier projects is ignored as it would make no sense
      - fix: UnSelect by Mask in URL Dialog did not work
      - fix: bug with pause project after XYZ submissions a day reached
 4.49 - new: added 3 new microblogs done by Ozz (,,
      - new: ability to add + test proxies in gui in one step
      - new: ability to select all proxies by ctrl+a and popup menu
      - new: ability to hide not working proxies in list
      - new: added new default ping urls
      - new: ability to reset ping urls to the default ones
      - new: pinging of URLs is much faster now
      - new: ability to uncheck engines that use no html
      - new: ability to randomize the "project pause option" by an extra value
      - new: automatic captcha detection improved
      - new: improved gui for project options
 4.48 - new: added 4 new microblogs engines done by Ozz (,,,
      - new: less memory usage
      - new: less cpu usage
      - new: ability to uncheck engines that create there own page
      - new: ability to disable the memory monitoring
 4.47 - new: macro %random-a-z% is also working as expected (did understand only numbers before)
      - fix: possible PR checking bug when an alternative link was used
      - new: added PR? as icon (PR0 was used before)
      - new: improved Elgg engine
 4.46 - new: forum engine "YaBB" added (uses the new option as well to post new topics on forum)
      - new: engine by Ozz added (Document Sharing but can only create profiles for now)
      - new: MediaWiki and MoinMoin will create Articles now if the below option is checked
      - new: option "Put link to places where it is clearly seen as SPAM (e.g. forum posts)."
      - fix: minor bug with Target URL Import
      - fix: layout in project edit was left-to-right for Chinese (sorry)
      - fix: bugs in engines
 4.45 - fix: bug in scribd engine found and fixed by Ozz
      - new: ability to export the crawled URLs from project dialog in different formats
      - new: usage of the best unicode font rather than a fixed one
      - new: improved encoding speed and fixed come bugs from various encodings other than utf8
 4.44 - new: added macro_guide.pdf which explains all macros in detail
      - fix: another bug with group renaming
 4.43 - fix: 3 bugs from previous build (duh)
 4.42 - new: proxy stats on status bar
      - fix: possible exception while processing verifications
      - new: ability to use something like #file_links[c:\gsa.txt,(5,10),S]
             This will use a random amount between 5 and 10 items from that file.
      - new: spinfolder macro will try to use same file name
             e.g. %spinfolder-c:\articles\% has article1.txt, article2.txt...
                  %spinfolder-c:\summary\% has summary1.txt, summary2.txt...
             If article10.txt was used, it will use summary10.txt as well.
      - fix: renaming project groups didn't work for sub groups
      - new: ability to show URLs that have been imported (popoup menu -> import URLs->Show left URLs)
      - new: proxy searcher improved
      - new: ability to "Embed URL for an anchor text" when using the popup menu on e.g. the article
 4.41 - new: article summary is generated automatically when using Tools->Auto Fill
      - new: added api of WordAI as a spinner
      - fix: bug with group renaming fixed (changes got updated after restart only)
      - fix: secondary URL in anchor was not read correctly when re-editing project
      - new: improved some engines
      - new: detail link search is now much faster
      - new: warnings on to many keywords
      - new: program will check the memory usage periodically and refuse to start further threads to 
             not get a OutOfMemory exception
      - new: less memory usage
      - new: html download and timeouts improved
 4.40 - new: again improved question/answers
      - fix: YAD engine bug fixed
 4.39 - fix: secondary anchor from URL was not queried when using GUI
      - fix: bug with PR checking and proxies
 4.38 - new: added over 3000 new questions/answers
      - new: ability to import PLR Articles (use the Tool button) -
      - new: improved threading a bit
      - new: stats for verified urls dialog after re-verify/index check
      - new: internal proxy handling improved (speed some minor bugs fixed) 
      - new: ability to import questions/answers from textcaptcha.txt      
 4.37 - new: article engine YAD added (Thanks to Ozz)
      - new: "article script" engine improved
      - new: ability to use tags in spin syntax like
             Article Title: {#TAG1 title1|#TAG2 title2|#TAG3 title3}
             Article:  {#TAG1 content1|#TAG2 content2|#TAG3 content3}
             With this syntax you will always submit articleX with contentX 
             and not mix titles with content (e.g. title1 with content2).
      - new: ability to unselect URLs in "Show URLs" dialog by Mask
      - new: ability to save failed sites to site lists
      - new: "click to count" label to count keywords used in project
      - fix: minor problem on reverification fixed
      - new: improved email parsing
      - new: option to skip sites with a PR above a certain setting
             This makes it possible to e.g. have two projects for one site and use e.g. custom mode 
             for high PR sites to enter the data manuualy while submission while low PR sites are 
             handled by the other project.
 4.36 - new: guestbook engine "Felix Riesterer"
      - new: scheduler to run a certain number of projects at a specific date/time for a set number
             of minutes and switch to other projects (click arrow next to start button to access it)
      - new: PR checking improved
 4.35 - fix: A rather big bug on verification fixed. If you saw a slow down of verified links since 
             two versions, thats was the cause. Sorry, but it was really hard to find as 
             it only appeared on some systems
      - new: way less memory usage
      - new: indexu engine (directory) is now posting a link on profiles
      - new: URLs can have spin syntax as well and will not get rejected on checking
             You can now even use e.g. %spinfile-url-list.txt% in the URL field.
      - new: proxy use for setting can be switched to "Other (PR)" (which would make
             it only use for PR checking)
      - new: GUI changed to only display hints when moving mouse on the Help label
 4.34 - new: statusnet and laconica engine post status updates and/or bookmarks now 
      - fix: some bug with memory allocation fixed when processing site lists
      - new: speed should be a bit better now
      - new: phpfox engine improved
      - fix: minor bug with SpinRewriter api fixed (\X was not converted)
      - new: project TEST should now replace more variables
 4.33 - new: option to use secondary anchor text and it's %
      - new: option to use domain as anchor text and it's %
      - fix: progress bar for site list import was wrong
      - new: less memory usage
 4.32 - fix: one engine made problems
 4.31 - new: support for #trans ... #notrans macro
             When used inside the project data, it translates the text to the language 
             of the website it is submitting to.
             Example: "#trans I like this #notrans" will turn to "Dies ist ein Test"
                      when submitted to
      - new: added 4 Web2.0 engine by Ozz (,,,      
      - new: ability to set project to only work for manual captcha input even global 
             options say something else
 4.30 - new: added Social Network engine SocialGo (thanks to Ozz)
      - new: minor fix in captcha processing (https-recaptcha is no longer sent to CS)
      - new: ability to select URLs by entered date range to e.g. only export verified 
             URLs from a specific time
      - new: added as a free spinner
      - new: position of captcha input window is now saved
      - new: improved search engine parsing
 4.29 - new: ability to use ArticleBuilder -
      - new: option to use spell errors in descriptions to fight duplicate content
      - new: support for a new macro called #err[0..10000]
             This will modify the content with typos/misspelling. The higher the number the more 
             typos are generated (but keep it readable for humans). This is not modifying your 
             anchor text of URL if used in the text.
             You might ask for what is this useful? Some say it fights duplicate content, 
             some say it's rubbish. At least you can decide to use it or not.
      - new: support for a new macro called #gennick[BLAHH,min,max]
             this creates a random login with min/max length. The first parameter is not used for now.
      - new: support for a new macro called #random[a..z,A..Z,0..9,@,!,;]
             this will insert a char from the given range into the field
      - new: support for a new macro called #file="c:\xyz.txt" 
             this will insert the content from a file (or URL)
      - new: #file_links can now use URLs as parameters
      - fix: minor bug on URL verification (login is no longer parsing for links)
 4.28 - fix: one bug from previous version
 4.27 - new: esyndicate engine improved (should now be able to submit to javascript protected sites)
      - new: "unknown directory" renamed to "webpronews" + fixed
      - fix: another issue in indexing submission (sorry hard to code blindly here 
             when not having an account on the services)
      - fix: some search engines fixed
      - fix: one minor bug with "already submitted/verified" detection for fixed url providers
 4.26 - new: engine "" by Ozz added
      - new: engine "" by Ozz added
      - new: engine "Drupal - Blog" added (creates blog/story posts)
             This one was not so easy and might need some improvement over time.
      - new: pligg engine improved (creats also profile links now)
      - fix: minor bug in proxy import
      - new: google PR checking delay
      - new: project fields show where this is used in hint
      - fix: minor bug fixes for indexers
 4.25 - new: option to use same anchor text in tier projects as used for the verified url
      - new: some engines improved
      - fix: finally fixed that nuclear link indexer
      - new: improved several internal parts of the program resulting in better speed
 4.24 - new: guess what, yes! again threading improved and cpu usage lowered
      - new: engines added (all done by Ozz) -,,
      - new: option to not remove any URL from the to verify URLs. 
             Useful if you think the link might be placed after the default timeout 
             (should not happen that often though).
      - new: some engines improved
      - new: ability to use proxies for PR checking
      - new: option to wait 15 minutes between two email logins (some block you if you do it)
 4.23 - new: improved search threads
      - new: Web 2.0 engine "" by Ozz
      - fix: minor bug fixes
 4.22 - new: improved threading again
      - new: less cpu usage
      - fix: bug with site list saving
      - fix: proxy deleting with slow timing didn't work
 4.21 - fix: minor bugs in project edit gui
      - new: search engine handling improved (much faster)
 4.20 - new: improved search engines (alot new added, some removed)
      - fix: compeditor analysis was not working sometimes and could make a project stop
 4.19 - fix: possible fix on "nuclear link indexer"
      - new: search engines improved
      - new: improved thread handline again
      - new: #file_links syntax now also supports SP, NP, LP as parameters
      - fix: TEST on project was not always replacing the new #file_links syntax
      - new: improved site list parsing
 4.18 - new: added Web2.0 site "" (main work done by cukuid)
      - new: added Doc Sharing site "Scribd" (main work by Ozz)
      - new: added Social Bookmark/Web2.0 engine "" (main work done by Sibolo)
      - new: improved speed with global site list
      - new: link diversity should be much better now as the program is choosing 
             platform before choosing an engine
      - new: updates will get announced on statusbar (check done every hour)
      - new: less memory usage
      - new: much faster due to even better thread handling
      - new: you can now use a well known syntax like #file_links[C:\myfile.txt,10,S]
             for detasils see here -
      - fix: project window size was not saved on exit
 4.17 - fix: minor bug from previous build that could stop projects
 4.16 - new: improved performance on thread usage
      - new: added about 50 new Web 2.0 engines (main work done by Ozz)
      - new: added new Social Bookmark engine Dolphine
      - new: Elgg engine is now creating Blogs uif supported
      - new: option to only send URLs to indexers if the URL is dofollow
      - new: first verification of a link is now done in a max. 10 minutes from submission
      - new: improved email verification (no timeout for many emails to parse)
      - new: ability to import/export your site lists
      - new: incremental search for log window
      - new: PR check improved
      - new: ability to enable all engines that use a certain input field (use popup menu)
      - new: ability to update PR of verified URLs
      - fix: email blacklist check was brocken in previous version
 4.15 - new: 9 new Web 2.0 engines (thanks to Ozz)
      - new: captcha dialog resizes itself on big captchas
      - new: ability to stop timeout for user queries (click on label)
      - fix: url-add-dialog was incorrectly detecting URLs in the box as present
      - new: very long content is now displayed on Windows 2008+ (somehow this new OS 
             has a restriction in edit content sizes and does not display anything if to big)
      - fix: minor bug in new site list handling
      - new: some other engines improved
 4.14 - new: social network engine Oxwall (thanks to Ozz)
      - new: many engines improved
      - new: user request dialog during submission improved
      - new: changed the way site lists work. Now you can create site lists on all 
             3 types or just one or two.
      - new: article titles will be capitalized for engines who need it
      - new: improved sending of URLs to index services
      - fix: URLs have not been sent correctly to
      - fix: engines with a fixed url (mainly web 2.0) don't need to have search egnines 
             selected in project options anymore
      - fix: backup of projects is now also working for sub trees
 4.13 - fix: some engines did have a wrong description (e.g. anchor text: no where it should be yes)
      - new: better spin syntax for the added link in articles if no %url% was used in the article.
 4.12 - new: 17 new web 2.0 sites added (thanks to OZZ)
             They all are based on the same platform so you might need to use 
             proxies as they might detect that you signed up on one of there other sites
      - new: project status can be set to "Verify E-Mails only"
      - new: improved global site list handling
      - new: added a new Chinese search engine
 4.11 - new: added 3 new web 2.0 engines done by Ozz (,,
      - new: ability to uncheck all engines with empty fields
      - new: statusbar submission stats are saved on exit
      - new: added a new search engine
      - new: ability to import proxies from clipboard
 4.10 - new: ability to uncheck engines with no contextual links (use popup menu)
      - new: improved many engine scripts
      - fix: minor display bug in show submitted urls
 4.09 - new: web2.0 engine
      - new: web2.0 engine
      - new: web2.0 engine
      - new: article engine BuddyPress
      - new: improved antigate captcha service
      - new: improved cookie handling
 4.08 - new: Article engine "PHPMotion" by Ozz
      - new: improved script engine
      - new: minor gui improvements
      - new: some guestbook engines improved with detection + footprints
 4.07 - new: social bookmarks can now create more than one URL for tier projects.
             Just make sure you disable "Avoid posting URL on same domain twice" in program options.
             The <title> + meta description is used for tier projects on them 
             (see new script commands "tier data=").
      - new: ability to define what to use as anchor text while crawling URLs online
      - new: ability to create only links to verified do-follow links in TIER projects
      - new: ability to filter debug data by engine and/or project
      - new: Show URL dialog is now having engine + engine type as two columns
      - fix: sort by PR was not working in show URL dialog
 4.06 - fix: minor bug in successful-submission-detection fixed
      - new: improved some engines
      - new: added two new search engines (mojeek, mojeek uk) - thanks to Ozz
      - new: should be much faster on checking last submission status
 4.05 - new: ability to check verified links for being indexed by search engines
      - new: forum engine "Vanilla"
      - fix: possible bug for automatic updates
 4.04 - new: social bookmark engine "PHPBokmark" written by cherub with additions by Holger Lenzdorf
      - new: social network engine "PHPFox" written by Ozz
      - new: html embedded captchas can now be solved
      - new: search engines improved (especially Chinese search engines)
 4.03 - new: social bookmark engine "Public Bookmark" written by Holger Lenzdorf
      - new: category query boxes will no longer close after 30 seconds if you clicked 
             on the button
      - new: ability to import keywords from project popup menu
      - new: you can now add the same URL more than once in the project URL box.
             This is good if you want to give it the chance to use one URL more 
             than others when choosing one randomly before the submission.
 4.02 - new: engine "vBulletin - Blog" which will post an blog entry with your article
      - new: ability to import/export to clipboard from in dialog
      - new: improved automated text captcha filling
      - new: ability to save unanswered text captchas to a file (feel free to answer them later 
             and send it me)
      - new: added SpinRewriter as new spin service -
 4.01 - new: improved some engines
      - new: ability to start projects with "Use global site lists only)
      - new: proxy testing will no longer trigger a false positive port scan 
             as the to-test proxies are randomized in its order.
      - new: gui improved a bit again
 4.00 - new: projects should stop faster if user wants to
      - new: status bar (infos on it might change in further updates)
      - fix: possible bug with blogspot engine
      - fix: possible project stop bug (issue with email parsing)
      - new: script engine improved
      - new: ability to spin data with online services from popup menu
      - new: ability to load/save search engine selections
      - fix: some strange bug in remove unsuccessful verifications
      - fix: submitted/verified counter was not updated after a backup restore
 3.99 - fix: stupid bug from previous build (sorry) that made the program not work anymore
             I blame it on my kid who didn't let me sleep the whole night ;P
 3.98 - new: better colours for yesterdays build (NO I WILL NOT REMOVE IT AGAIN!)
      - fix: minor bug on link extraction which could have caused some memory corruption
 3.97 - new: new url variation option to also change URLs to root/main URL
      - new: ability to expand/collapse all groups (popup menu)
      - new: project background colours are now flashing on submitted/verified counter change
      - new: project background colours reflect current activity like searching, submission, verification...)
      - fix: url import for projects is now working for utf8 encoded data
      - fix: blogspot engine made problems (was actually an internal logical error)
 3.96 - new: article engine Moodle added (main work was done by Ozz)
      - new: improved site list searching/parsing speed again
      - new: email parsing improved (much less memory usage)
      - nfo: we have an own forum now (might need some work though)
 3.95 - new: directory engine "Site Sift" added
      - new: search engines improved (tnx to Ozz)
      - fix: minor bug in site list parsing progressbar
      - new: improved captcha pre analysis for Captcha Sniper/Captcha Infinity
 3.94 - new: parsing speed for site lists improved
      - new: engine JCow (Social Network)
      - new: engine "Article Beach" (Article)
      - fix: minor bug with anchor variations fixed  
 3.93 - new: again way lower CPU usage 
      - new: speed improved in many internal functions
      - new: the same random proxy is now used for one site as some sites (like phpbb)
             don't like an ip changed during brows/submission. It looks more legit anyway.
      - new: over 20 new search engines added (thanks to the customer for sending them in)
      - new: better information why a captcha download/submission failed
      - new: verified and submitted counter showing for groups
 3.92 - new: less CPU usage (e-mail checking)
 3.91 - fix: major (and stupid) bug from previous release (project edit)
 3.90 - new: added a new WordPress Article engine (might need some more work, feel free to improve it)
      - new: option to use anchor text variations ("GSA" would become e.g. "Gsa" or "gsa")
      - new: option to use URL variations (e.g. becomes and so on)
      - new: no proxy will ever be used for sending links to indexing services
      - new: A link is inserted right into your article/description if the anchor text is present.
             If this is not the case, the old method is used to put your link at the end of the article.
      - new: ability to send URLs from Show URLs dialog to PING services
      - fix: bug in keyword import tool showing deleted keywords again and again
 3.89 - new: ability to pause site list searching
      - new: added a new Social Bookmark Engine (Meneame - mostly spanish sites)
      - new: option to use keywords as anchor texts (default off)
      - new: ability to write notes for a project (also visible with moure over in main form)
      - new: option to filter sites by country
      - new: option to skip sites if they don't have at least X amounts of your keywords
      - fix: minor bug in form extraction
 3.88 - fix: bug in script engine that could incorrectly skip url filters
      - new: about 50 new search engines added ( with language parameters)
 3.87 - fix: forgot to include XenForo.ini in previous release
      - new: improved MediaWiki engine
 3.86 - new: is used to solve text captchas (the only captcha service 
             that does this to my knowledge)
      - new: ability to edit general anchors from gui
      - new: popup menu for engine treeview to uncheck engines by certain characteristics
      - new: forum engine XenForo added
      - new: ability to check if your email is already known as spam (project edit->check blacklist)
 3.85 - fix: minor bug in project filters
      - new: ability to add footprints for site list searches (inurl: must be present 
             for search terms in an engine)
      - new: added more alike sites (thanks to the one posted it on a forum)
      - new: improved MoinMoin engine
 3.84 - new: improved proxy testing
      - new: ability to set % of how much to use the general anchor texts (20% by default)
      - fix: minor bug in pligg engine
 3.83 - new: option to randomly use a general/natural anchor text like "click here" or "more on %url_domain%"
             Google likes to see these kind of links as it looks much more natural.
      - new: speed improved for site list parsing
      - new: Whois/Statistics sites get also detected now in site list parsing
      - new: PR values URLs get cut before identification starts for site lists
      - fix: line break problems in two wiki engines
      - new: internal settings for (captcha system) changed
      - fix: projects got incorrectly sorted when clicking on priority, submitted or verified column
 3.82 - fix: bug in project editor (engines listedmultiple times) from yesterdays build
      - fix: again less memory usage
 3.81 - new: less memory usage
      - fix: possible bug with script engine that could cause projects to stop
 3.80 - new: you can now choose more than one project for a TIER
      - fix: project URL import with unicode format
      - fix: export of URLs from project with proper unicode formating
      - fix: site lists: save results to custom file was not working for import
 3.79 - new: improved email parsing
      - fix: %random% and %columnspinfile% is now also replaced in TEST (was replaced fine on submission though)
      - fix: using inurl:, site: or intitle: in keywords is no longer quoted for search queries
 3.78 - fix: bug in content length cut (variables are now inserted before doing it)
      - new: ability to check all search engines with English language
      - new: ability to disable log by popup menu (might speed up things if you don't need it)
 3.77 - new: added a new search egnine (bing clone
      - fix: bug in directory engines that keeps the submission type to popup
      - new: allows you to select more than one file to import to site lists and import target urls
 3.76 - new: captcha windows get there own taskbar if the program is not focused
      - new: improved internet auto modify function against duplicate content
      - fix: bug in wiki engines that could create a broken link
 3.75 - fix: minor form submission bug
      - new: improved some engines
 3.74 - new: ability to disable proxies on site list import/search
      - new: speed on TEST improved (especially for very large keyword lists)
      - new: avg of left target URLs is now displyed in status log
      - new: check all/none/toggle for project filters (popup menu)
 3.73 - new: ability to change the way captcha services are used (all+user,1st only, 2nd only...)
      - fix: TEST from project editor didn't always fill all veriables like %spinfile-*%
 3.72 - new: as new WEB2.0 engine added (profile only)
      - fix: minor bug in link location fixed
      - new: when you use "inurl:" or alike for keywords, it is removed before using in submission forms
 3.71 - new: as a new WEB2.0 engine
 3.70 - new: ability to use "character spinning" (new option to fight duplicate content)
             This will replace certain chars in words with same looking once.
      - new: added a WEB2.0 engine ( but the results are awful as opera was 
             deleting the account on all tests (even in browser) when creating a blog 
             and submitting to it. Thats why I set this engine to just creating a profile link for now. 
             See it as a sample (new script command "fixed url=<url>" instead of "search term" used for it)
      - new: improved cookie handling
 3.69 - fix: blogspot engine had another nasty bug
      - nfo: get 10% discount for proxies here - coupon: GSAOFF
      - new: improved form filling
 3.68 - new: "Remove dupliacate Domains" for site lists
      - new: improved wiki engines
      - fix: minor bug for blogspot engine fixed
 3.67 - new: added two new forum engines (Burning Board, FluxBB)
      - new: improved debug mode a bit
      - fix: line feeds have been removed while converting from html to bbcode/markdown code
      - new: improved script documentation a bit (with missing variables)
      - nfo: also check out our special offer -
 3.66 - new: again some little tweaks on search engine parsing
 3.65 - new: improved search engine parsing even more (more results + better filtering)
 3.64 - new: added a lot new search engines
      - new: tested all search engines for "inurl:, intitle:, site:" support or there 
             own keywords to it (e.g. yahoo uses "domain:" instead of "site:").
             Resulting in much more useable search engines if e.g. a "inurl:" is in the search query.
      - new: keyword import speed improved
      - new: ability to change site list format to "sitelist_enginetype-engine.txt"
      - new: ability to uncheck search engines by mask/country
 3.63 - fix: site list with import from file/clipboard was not working correctly
      - new: ability to save the all URLs who have not been identivied from site list dialog
 3.62 - new: added a quick script manual (might have poor English as my first and 
             second language is not English, maybe someone feels like checking it?)
      - new: ability to use new engines by using the popup menu ->modify project
      - new: options -> advanced -> tools -> search online for urls -> add predefined Footprints
             is no longer clearing the already added footprints
      - new: proper use wiki syntax for html links
      - fix: "toggle word wrap" was not working in project edit
      - fix: minor bug in email verification
      - fix: "Open Folder" in options->advanced->site list did not work      
 3.61 - new: colours in debug window
      - new: 3 new video engines: vShare, ClipShare, ShareMixer (some only show URL as text)
      - new: project name on captcha input box
      - fix: search in keyword dialog
      - new: improved link finder for scripts
      - new: improved script engine
      - fix: two little memory leaks
 3.60 - fix: small issue in phpbb engine on locating registration url
      - new: search engine parsing improved
 3.59 - new: added basic debug mode that will show errors on submissions in a new window
 3.58 - new: forum engine E-Blah (not very useful right now as links are only visible when loged in)
      - new: improved site list parsing
      - new: optiongs for site list parsing
      - new: site list parsing is no longer blocking other operations like project editing
      - new: abilit to create projects + enter project name (use drop down menu on button)
      - fix: minor bug fixes on site list parsing gui
      - fix: possible bug with %spinfolder% variable
      - new: use site lists is now unchecked by default on new projects
      - new: number of selected search engines shown in site list dialog
 3.57 - fix: minor bug fix in proxy handling
 3.56 - added another wiki like engine called MoinMoin
      - new: better gui for site list searches from yesterdays release
      - new: search engine results are checked if "inurl:" or "site:" was used and false results get removed
      - new: if you use a reversed domain filter in your project like "!.edu !.org" 
             (to get only .edu or .gov sites) than it is now applied to search engine 
             queries if supported by them to speed things up
      - new: option "pause project after XX submissions reached at a day
 3.55 - new: ability to fill site lists by online search (very advanced but useful)
             "Search Online for URLs" -> you can enter any normal footprints like
                "powered by php link directory"
                and you get all URLs found with that footprint/keywords
             "Search Online for site lists" -> you can enter something like
       "/viewtopic.php?id=" forum "showthread.php?t="
                and it will get you all URLs listed on the found sites
      - new: site list can now be split into identified/submitted/verified
      - new: ability to turn indexer off in project options
      - new: option "pause project after XX verifications reached at a day"
      - fix: project priority setting was sometimes not saved
      - new: ability to have sub groups in project tree (enter a group like group|sub1|sub2...)
      - new: added as new captcha provider
      - fix: Delete URLs menu sometimes disapeared on Shuw URLs dialog
      - new: import URLs to site lists by clipboard
 3.54 - new: added as new captcha service
             This makes it the 10th system now - you have the choice
      - new: improved internal form filling
      - new: better display for submitted urls
      - new: improved engines again
      - fix: a URL was sometimes not added to site list on import
      - new: stats for site lists
      - new: improved submission speed with domain filters
      - fix: display bug on site list import dialog
      - new: ability to import submitted URLs to site lists
      - new: ability to delete submitted URLs (in case you don't want to wait 
             till they get removed automatically)
 3.53 - new: import URLs to site lists (download URLs + identify the used engine)
      - new: ability to get chart for engine types instead of engine name
      - fix: setting for site list folder was ignored
      - new: ability to use site lists for projects
      - new: priority setting in project list
 3.52 - new: option to add already verified URLs to site lists
      - fix: legend display bug on diagram stats
      - new: errors in log if site lists couldn't get saved due to access rights
      - fix: spell bugs
 3.51 - new: new engine TikiWiki added
      - new: improved some engines again a little bit
      - fix: possible captcha-skip issue on Windows8 systems
      - new: ability to create site lists for each engine on success/verification or detection status
             This allows you to use these sites on follow up projects (options -> advanced).
 3.50 - new: import categories to multiple projects
      - fix: bug in exporting verified URLs with strange anchor text encoding
      - fix: bug in "pause after XYZ submissions"
      - fix: bug in hotmail template
      - new: extra checks if spin syntax is correctly entered
      - new: show urls popup menu indicates if something is useable or not 
             (e.g. a running project is not allowing import of urls)
      - new: some engines improved again
 3.49 - new: misconfigured url filters by users get automatically fixed
      - new: some engines improved
      - new: improved submission speed and lower cpu usage
      - new: added new captcha provider -
      - new: added new captcha provider -
      - new: import/export of categories
      - fix: some mouse over hints for image engines have been wrong
      - new: user request windows are no longer modal
      - new: engine called WebGarden (a mix of Guestbook and Forum but added to Guestbooks)
 3.48 - fix: backup of collapsed group projects
      - fix: minor bugs in verified link import and delete
      - fix: SEO Indexer should no longer get started twice
      - fix: no longer duplicate import of verified links

      - new: setting to filter out big websites by size
      - fix: another small issue with filename data types containing \n in 
             path (again only for preview and only used in one engine)
 3.47 - fix: another unicode display bug
      - fix: bug with url filters
      - new: less memory usage with big target url lists
      - new: ability to lower waiting time between two search engine queries when using proxies
      - new: anchor text report is sorted by numbers
      - fix: if you used something like %spinfolder-c:\something\nEW\blah% in a project data field,
             it was not working in the editor/test as \n was replaced with a linefeed
      - new: text captcha window allows you to copy question and open search in google
      - new: ability to import blacklisted URLs from a file in global options
      - new: captcha detection improved
      - new: some engines improved a little bit
 3.46 - new: text captchas are asked first if an engines requires text and image 
             captchas to fill (can saves some money in case text captchas can't be filled)
      - new: captcha detection improved
      - new: a lot more text captchas get filled automatically (1600+)
      - new: global URL blacklist filter can now also hold normal URLs/domains
      - new: ability to import verified URLs from clipbord or other projects
      - new: ability to create a report with anchor text statistics
      - new: ability to directly export certain values on project edit popup
      - new: "Test again" button on project edit -> Test form
      - new: status "Active (P)" is shown when a certain number of submissions/verifications
             has been reached
      - new: way less cpu usage
      - new: much faster on submission
      - new: ability to export URLs from project data to file/clipboard
      - new: some engines improved
      - new: help on finding correct pop3 settings or creating new emails
      - fix: anchor text was exported wrong if it was in unicode
      - fix: minor spell errors
 3.45 - fix: minor bug when editing/deleting tier projects
      - new: gui is displaying broken projects (broken means e.g. a tier project 
             that uses verified URLs of a none existing project)
 3.44 - new: ability to import Target URLs from Clipboard
      - new: ability to delete Target URL History
      - new: better verification system from emails
      - fix: minor bug with captcha detection
      - new: minor improves on some engines
      - fix: minor bug with link detection on very bad formated html
      - new: more statistic site detections
      - fix: minor bug fixes on multible project edit
      - new: project tree view will stay as it is after editing a project
 3.43 - new: option to check a submission url/domain against a online blacklist
      - new: ability to import verified URLs to a project
             with popupmenu on project->Show URLs->verified->popup menu on URLs->Import
      - new: ability to use mouse wheel when editing projects
      - new: ability to put projects in groups (use popup menu)
      - new: improved some engines again
      - new: gui improved a bit
 3.42 - new: ability to export account data
      - new: better catcha extraction
      - new: many engines impoved (new footprints, better success/fail detection and so on)
 3.41 - fix: a stupid (!) bug from previous build (projects refused to start)
 3.40 - new: ability to uncheck engines that use special data (e.g. Polish descriptions)
             Use the popup menu on the field and choose "Disable Engines that use this"
      - new: gui improved in some parts
      - new: logins and passwords can now be generated randomly
      - new: random emails are now based on the name to create more good looking fake data
             E.g. you comment with name "John Doe", then the email might look like [email protected]
      - new: a lot engines improved again
      - new: improved "Auto Fill" (tool button) in project data
      - new: added a default value for "About Yourself" since many people didn't know what to use there
      - new: submission speed improved a bit (maybe even less cpu usage)
 3.39 - new: improved captcha detection
      - fix: sometimes the text captchas have been displayed wrong
      - new: less cpu usage on email parsing
      - new: email parsing should be a lot faster now (threaded)
      - new: some forum engines improved
 3.38 - new: improved email verification
      - fix: email verification is now aborted on project stop or program quit
      - new: more consistance checks on project editing
      - fix: some stupid spelling mistakes (thanks to the one pointing it out)
      - new: project name is shown on category query (form caption)
 3.37 - fix: minor bug fix on verified link creation
 3.36 - new: added new forum engine XMB
      - new: added a new unknown directory engine
      - new: improved Elgg engine
      - new: improved submission speed
      - new: ability to log to a file (use popup menu on log window)
 3.35 - fix: minor bug in MediaWiki engine (did not influence the link building though)
      - new: ability to delete all emails on verification (new option)
      - new: warning of settings that might get you to low results
 3.34 - new: categories are now also choosen by your keywords as an alternative
      - new: less cpu usage in "verify only mode"
      - fix: gui of some option boxes was wrong
      - fix: html was sometimes not removed on none supporting html code engines
      - new: three new directory engines added (LINKER, Unknown German Directory, MyEngines)
 3.33 - new: improved over 40 engines
      - new: "TIER projects" are showinf in a tree like view now
      - new: ability to set a project to verify links only (use popup menu)
 3.32 - fix: bug with Muti-Tier which could make projects stop randomly
      - fix: another small bug on form submission
 3.31 - new: added as another captcha system
 3.30 - new: ability to build links to verified links of another project (Multi-Tier/Linkwheel)
             To make use of this, create a new project and check the box 
             "Use verified URLs of another project" located under the URL field.
      - new: added CaptchaTrader as new captcha provider -
      - new: URL and engine is shown on captcha input
      - new: custom mode dialog can be aborted by ESC and 2xENTER clicks OK button
      - new: added support for SpinChimp -
      - new: some engines improved again
      - new: German directory engine Mikomedi added
 3.29 - fix: minor bug in submission for unknown field types
      - new: improved phpBB engine
 3.28 - new: ability to show text only statistics for verified links
      - new: ability to save text only statistics to file
      - fix: image comment engines allowed only to post to one image even though 
             the option "Avoid posting URL on same domain twice" was unchecked
      - new: ability to send suggestions/feedback from help menu
      - new: ability to import/export project settings and data fields (csv, text, excel)
      - new: ability to access project relevant data from project edit form
      - new: ability to import accounts from other projects
      - new: added 3 new directory engines (WordPress Directory, Directory97 PRO, phpLinks)
      - new: improved some other engines
 3.27 - new: sites with an "awaiting account verification" are shown differently in the "Show URLs" dialog
      - new: php link directory engine improved
      - fix: minor bug on account verification
 3.26 - new: ability to sort the project box by column click
      - new: ability to turn collecting of keyword off in project settings
      - new: some engines improved again
      - new: script engine improved again a bit
      - new: option to only search for new proxies if the active once fall under a certain number
      - new: variables that another program uses are now also handled in comments for compatibility reason
             (%name%, %blogurl%, %email%, %blogtitle%, %website%,...)
 3.25 - new: no need to fill in address data (country, state, city, zip, address, phone) for certain
             engines as they will get generated for you on submission (of course zip or phone match
             the city)
      - new: many engines improved again (just two left)
      - new: engine "Coppermine Photo Gallery-login" added
 3.24 - new: text length of really huge spin syntax is only calcualted when you click 
             on the counter label.
      - new: a new directory engine "IndexScript" added
      - new: over 20 engines improved
 3.23 - new: improved over 60 engines
      - new: improved script engine (due to work on editor)
 3.22 - new: a keyword is now used for more engines to search for new targets 
      - new: fun engine added that uses a faked user agent (put it to referrer type)
      - new: option to always use one of your keywords to find new targets
 3.21 - new: over 40 engines improved
      - new: CaptchaSniper pre-filter of images that might crash CS (not our fault though).
             It's very likely that you will still see it crashing or not responding. 
             Not much we can do about it, bother CS author about it ;)
      - new: better spin syntax for engines that automatically place a link in comments.
 3.20 - new: ability to use %spinfolder-<folder>% in project fields to use the content 
             of a file in that <folder>. Use the popup menu to choose a folder.
      - new: ability to fill project fields automatically with random fake address data
      - new: three new directory engines added (SEOKatalog, WebMini and Mini)
      - new: pligg engine improved a lot
      - new: whois/statistics sites will now only be used when one "Indexer" engine is enabled
 3.19 - new: two new engines added ( and some polish directory)
      - new: directory engine qlWebPro is also supporting variations of that script
      - new: improved script engine
      - new: some other engines improved as well
      - fix: bug in pligg engine fixed
      - fix: minor bug in form extraction with empty values not in quotes
 3.18 - new: new forum engine PunBB added
             With this engine the script system should be complete as it now 
             allows to extract content from emails like passwords.
      - new: guestbook engine PHP-Fusion
      - new: improved a lot in script engine
      - new: over 40 engines improved
             If no url field is present on webform but html or bbcode is allowed
             than the url is added automatically to thattextarea/memo.
      - fix: minor bug in blogspot engine that only allowed posts
      - fix: icon for social networks was wrong
 3.17 - new: added new forum engines (Quicksilver, UseBB, ExpressionEngine)
      - new: improved website parsing
 3.16 - new: forum engine vBulletin added (Though it doesn't seem to make sense useing it 
             as the profile pages are only visible for registered members?)
      - fix: strange web-form-extraction bug fixed
      - new: parsing speed improved
 3.15 - new: added -
 3.14 - new: forum engine MyBB added
      - new: window and column positions get restored on a program restart
 3.13 - new: forum engine SMF aka Simple Machines Forum added
      - new: improved question parsing
      - new: email parsing speed improved
 3.12 - new: ability to use spin syntax even for logins, passwords
      - fix: some spell errors (let me know if you see some more, English is not 
             my first language as you might have noticed)
      - new: updated pdf manual
      - new: ability to change status of projects by clicking in the status column 
      - new: improved link detection again a bit
 3.11 - new: directory engine EasyLink added
      - new: forum/CMS engine XOOPS added
      - new: improved link speed validation
      - fix: project suddenly stopped in some cases
      - new: improved internal engine speed
      - new: CommentLuv plugin for wordpress is now simulated and used if possible
      - new: improved some other engines
 3.10 - new: improved MediaWiki engine a lot
      - new: improved automatic math-question filling
      - new: lower memory usage
 3.09 - new: two new directory engines added (Open Link Directory, Unknown Directory 2)
      - new: improved submission speed
      - new: improved detail link extraction
      - new: some other engines improved
 3.08 - fix: serious bug that could lead to a freez from previous build (sorry)
 3.07 - new: submission speed with search engines should be much faster
      - new: ability to show project name in verified links (popup on header)
      - new: less cpu and memory usage
      - new: improved some engines
      - fix: minor bug with referrer header
 3.06 - new: improved link validation (especially for social bookmarks)
      - new: parsing speed improved
 3.05 - new: improved PLIGG engine a lot
      - new: Blogs with JoomlaComment are now supported by the General Blogs engine
      - new: improved script engine again (speed and functionality)
      - new: improved gui in project options
 3.04 - fix: minor bug fix in project setup from previous release two minutes ago
 3.03 - new: added some new engines (Laconica, StatusNet, Viral Socializer Script)
      - new: optimized script engine
      - new: speed with search engine parsing improved
 3.02 - new: added ImageTyperz as new captcha service -
      - new: improved about 20 engines
      - new: improved verification (redirect-only links)
      - fix: minor bug with NuclearLinkCrawler and NuclearLinkIndexer service
      - fix: crash on some VMWare and VNC (compiler related bug)
      - new: ability to add new proxy sites from clipboard (copy a bunch of URLs 
             and paste it in the program)
      - new: ability to edit proxy sites by hand
 3.01 - new: support for so called hash fragment URLs with #! 
      - new: a wrong formated URL in the URL list gets highlighted when saving project
 3.00 - new: blog commenting improved (url with anchor text it 
             added to the comment if no url is used in the form)
      - new: improved finding of alternative blog entry
      - new: drupal (covered by General Blogs engine) improved
      - new: auto convert html to markdown format instead of removing html code 
             if html can be used in comments
      - new: improved some other engines (Elgg, MediaWiki, Scuttle)

        * Thanks to all customers for there suggestions and feedback.
        * You made this tool what it is today - one of the best, if not
        * the best auto SEO tools on the market. And it can be extended to
        * anything you like as everything is scripted and not fixed code.

 2.99 - new: questions like "five minus six" on webforms get also filled automatically now
      - new: new engine Elgg (Social Network) added
      - new: improved verified-redirect-url-detection (used in pligg and some other engines)
      - new: improved some other engines
 2.98 - new: social bookmarks engine GetBoo (don't expect many targets though)
      - new: some engines improved
      - new: improved detail link extraction again
      - new: ability to use Nuclear Link Indexer and Nuclear Link Crawler in "Show URLs->Verified URLs"
 2.97 - new: iDocScript as new engine added (Document Sharing)
      - new: added a lot new useful footprints to some engines to find new targets
      - fix: url from NuclearLinkIndexer was wrong (changelog / gui)
 2.96 - new: added support for NuclearLinkCrawler -
      - new: added support for NuclearLinkIndexer -
      - new: gui for options changed
 2.95 - new: much better link verification (especially for complicated link verifications 
             with social bookmarks where now even links with a HEAD-LOCATION-REDIRECT get 
             detected as it is the case for many pligg sites)
 2.94 - new: option to disable link verification (not useful for most users though)
 2.93 - new: new social bookmark engine added (Hotaru CMS)
      - new: improved link verification by search form
 2.92 - new: ability to set project priority
      - new: text captchas get now skipped if the option "If a form field can`t
             be filled (like category)" is set to "Skip"
 2.91 - fix: another small fix for
 2.90 - new: added the first Video engine (upload of videos + creating a backlink)
      - fix: editing engines/options for multiple showed email settings
      - fix: minor bug fix in email verification
      - new: improved lindexed submission again (less stress to server)
 2.89 - new: no more update popups at startup when using -autostart as parameter
      - new: "directory engine" added (Open Classifieds)
 2.88 - new: added new directory engine (Particle Links)
      - new: CaptchaInfinity is called only once at a time as it doesn't seem to be multithreaded
 2.87 - new: added support for TheBestSpinner
      - new: added support for
      - new: popup menu on project -> Show URLs -> Verivied URLs -> PopupMenu -> Index Selected URLs
      - new: alot engines improved again
      - new: improved lindexed submission in batch
 2.86 - new: XML-Pings is no longer blocking the project
      - new: XML-Pings send RSS-Feed and title of blog if available
      - new: added support for upcoming CaptchaIntinity (untested)
      - new: added support for Lindexed  -
      - new: improved social bookmarks
      - new: improved detail-link finding of verified links again
      - new: improved statistics diagrams
 2.85 - new: improved link verification with detail URL instead 
             of e.g. only search-result page or latest-links-page
      - new: improved some engines
      - new: Clear (popup menu) for URL/Content filter lists
 2.84 - new: again improved link verification
 2.83 - fix: minor bug fix in script engine (sould not have appeared for end user though)
 2.82 - fix: minor bug when copy/paste data with 0ah as line break only in project data
 2.81 - new: improved link verification (should now locate the detail url 
             of form-search-results better) *untested*
      - new: improved some engines
      - fix: bug fixes in email verification (resulting in your URL as verified URL)
 2.80 - new: improved some engines
      - new: statistics with diagrams for verified links
      - new: right mouse button on project -> modify project -> Verify all Links
      - new: added support for captchas
 2.79 - fix: minor bug in script engine from last build
      - fix: xn-* conversion of domains fixed
 2.78 - new: added one new directory engine (unknwon name)
      - new: over 15 engines updated with footprints and missing variables of exotic 
      - new: BlogEngine (part of General Blogs) improved
      - new: ability to get a small statistics in "Show URLs" dialog
 2.77 - new: over 30 engines improved (new footprints, better scripting...)
      - new: improved link extraction speed
 2.76 - new: improved project options gui
      - new: improved some engines
 2.75 - fix: blogspot engine fixed
      - new: improved finding of alternative blog entries to post to when main 
             url is used as target
 2.74 - new: better email verification
      - new: a lot engines improved
      - new: FreeGlobes as new directory engine added
 2.72 - new: option to ask/randomize/skip sites with unknown categories
      - new: some engines improved
 2.71 - new: ability to edit engines/options for multiple projects (popup menu)
 2.70 - new: added 3 new directory engines (indexU, qlWebDS Pro, PHP Weby)
      - new: improved verification speed
      - new: log messages improved for email validations
      - new: some new footprints added for article and blogs engines
 2.69 - fix: google search engine was somehow removed from search engine list,
             This might have influence on low link building. So please check 
             your projects now and enable it again if unchecked
      - new: improved proxy finder
 2.68 - new: added 3 new directory engines (HubDir, eSyndiCat, Link Bid Script)
      - new: improved link parsing speed
      - new: improved some other engines
 2.67 - fix: minor gui bug fixed
      - new: php link directory engine added
      - new: improved a lot other engines
      - new: many internal functions improved for better speed
      - new: site search verification improved
      - new: some search engines improved
 2.66 - new: submission speed improved with engines that require login
      - new: added new engine "php link directory article"
 2.65 - fix: minor bug in forum engine fixed (posted URL#Anchor instead of just URL in rare cases)
 2.64 - new: basic support for puny-encoded domain names (xn--*)
 2.63 - fix: bug in proxy sites fixed
 2.62 - fix: line break on articles was not always correct
      - new: better verification
 2.61 - fix: bug in new gui that didn't let you configure categories
 2.60 - new: improved project edit gui
      - new: resize of memos in project edit
      - fix: bug in URL crawler fixed with wrong anchor text encoding
 2.59 - fix: fixed two engines
      - new: improved project edit
 2.58 - new: Added about 200 proxy sites where the program can get new proxies from.
             Though just 5 are enabled. Go to proxy options to enable them (also 
             click "load default proxy sites" on updates).
 2.57 - new: some more article engines added (Article Script, Article Dashboard)
 2.56 - new: added some more article engines (ArticleMS, Article Friendly, Article Directory Pro)
      - new: added IMPORT for ping URLs
      - new: death by captcha domain change
 2.55 - new: MediaWiki engine added
      - new: improved verification by form search
      - new: entered categories during submission get saved
      - new: some engines improved
 2.54 - new: search engines aupdated
      - new: added Scutter as new engine
      - new: icons fixed
      - new: some engines improved
 2.53 - new: added PHPDug as new engine
      - new: improved Pligg again
      - new: improved search on websites
      - new: ability to import proxies in format (ip:port:login:password)
 2.52 - new: improved email valication
      - new: improved new pligg engine
      - new: search validation is threaded now
      - new: use "-autostart" as parameter to automatically press Start button
 2.51 - fix: minor bug in pligg engine
      - new: optimized gui a bit
      - new: category box abortable with ESC
 2.50 - new: script engine support now sites with accounts only
      - new: added PLIGG engine
      - new: user gets asked to fill categories if none matches
      - new: improved blog engines
      - fix: one option didn't get loaded on program start (not shown but used correctly)
 2.49 - new: improved some engines
      - new: added more default blog comments
 2.48 - new: improved engines (more localized footprints) 
      - new: improved recaptcha support abit
      - new: cookie handling speed improved
 2.47 - new: added over 1000 prefixed answers for questions so you don't have to fill them
      - fix: minor issue with cookies provided by web servers in uncommon format
 2.46 - new: internal support for recaptcha
      - new: improved a lot engines again
      - new: your answers to questions will now be remembered (if submission was 
             successful) even after restart
 2.45 - new: two engines improved
      - new: export of project filters (use popup menu as there is no extra button next to the list)
      - new: export of proxies to file
      - new: improved whois detection again
 2.44 - new: sites with tags like {website}, {0} or [url] will get used
             to generate statistic/whois/redirect links (you can import them e.g.)
      - new: again improved whois/statistics site detection
      - new: country icons for verified urls
 2.43 - new: improved whois/statistics/redirect detection
 2.42 - new: improved search engines
      - new: ability to check search engines by county/mask (popup menu)
      - new: added [Redirect Only] backlink detection
      - new: improved [Statistics Only] backlink detection 
      - new: some engines improved
      - new: script language improved
 2.41 - fix: bug in another search engine parsing fixed ( duh :/ )
 2.40 - new: proper charset encoding according to website settings
      - new: improved whois/statistic site detection
      - new: less memory usage
      - new: updated gui a bit
      - new: ability to restore default values when editing a project
             Should be done for guestbooks-, image- and forum-comments why you use the defaults
      - new: speed improved a bit
      - fix: big bug which caused projects to automatically stop
 2.39 - fix: memory exception
 2.38 - new: a lot less memory usage
      - new: faster search query creation
      - new: detection of domain in URLs + own domain exchange + download = backlink
      - new: much better compeditor analysis
 2.37 - new: ability to export keywords
      - new: option to not auto-disable proxies
      - fix: auto-disable TRANS/Connect proxies didn't work
 2.36 - new: improved speed
      - new: improved shutdown time
      - new: improved keyword import (Abort also possible)
      - fix: 2 minor memory leaks fixed
      - new: improved many engines
 2.35 - fix: minor bug from todays build resulting in a loop (really stupid one though)
      - new: two engines improved
 2.34 - new: improved algorithm to generate search-urls (engines with most footprints 
             and project keywords left little chance for the others to get chosen)
 2.33 - new: full unicode support when editing project (not fully tested though)
      - fix: improved speed
 2.32 - fix: restore backups on clean installation didn't work
      - new: improved custom search engine setup
 2.31 - new: option "Verified Links must have exact URL"
      - new: ability to add custom search engines
      - new: docu updated
 2.30 - fix: minor display bug fixed (could have an exception though)
      - fix: private proxies with a @ in login or password have been parsed wrong
 2.29 - fix: a project with no keywords defined could result in not posting anywhere
      - new: improved internal speed
      - new: answers to text-captchas get cached
 2.28 - fix: proxy finder was not working correctly in last build
 2.27 - new: ability to use more than 300 threads (though be carefull not to stress 
             your CPU/Memory that much)
      - fix: automatically fixing "," to "{|}" from Crawl function
 2.26 - fix: major bug with multiple URLs in project fixed (sorry!)
      - new: added auto-modify-content function that automatically 
             changes your submission text a tiny bit on each submission (line feeds for now)
             to fight duplicate content (more to follow on this)
      - fix: when using "Crawl Online" to get multiple URLs, the Anchor text was used with ","
             where it should be transformed to spin syntax.
 2.25 - new: added some new forum engines
      - new: exact URL from verification
      - new: optimized script engine a bit
 2.24 - new: ability to copy proxies in format IP:Port
      - new: you can also use spinned anchor text in URL field like
   {software development|SEO Tools|..}
 2.23 - new: one more forum engine added
      - new: SpinnerChief API added (SpinConvert Tool)
      - new: the character count is updated only if no key was pressed for 2 seconds
             this avoids delays when using really hughe spin text.
      - new: script language extendet on user request
      - new: new proxys testing option
 2.22 - fix: problems on some Win7 systems
 2.21 - new: submission speed improved again
 2.20 - new: improved speed (thread blocked each other in certain situations)
 2.19 - new: 2 new image-comment-engines added (though not often used)
             supporting over 100 platforms now (GeneralBlogs engine can post to almost any blog)
 2.18 - new: option to use newly found keywords automatically
        new: option to specify where to use proxies (searc, posting, everywhere)
 2.17 - new: improved DirectoryScript engine
      - new: you can ignore the warning about to long/short content where the 
             program will than cut/stretch it on its own as best as possible
 2.16 - fix: minor bug fixed version
 2.15 - new: Counter that shows the min/max spin length of project data
      - new: keyword-tool-button moved next to keyword-edit
 2.14 - new: added a new engine (FFA) which isn't that usefull anymore 
             but it was not a lot of work. Though you code yourself some new engines. 
             See "engines\*.ini" and realize how easy it is.
      - new: parsing speed improved
 2.13 - new: export of URLs in more formats (Domain only, URL only)
 2.12 - new: Directory Engine (Moje) (thanks to the customer who provided it)
      - new: optimized script engine (Moje required some additions)
 2.11 - new: automatic proxy search improved (still can be a bit better in next version)
 2.10 - new: minor bug fixed with PR
 2.09 - new: speed improved with blog search
 2.08 - fix: bug from 2-minutes-ago-build (update was not working correctly on some systems)
 2.07 - new: proxies searcher can now add proxies without testing them (not recommended though)
      - new: speed improved
 2.06 - new: default search engines updated
 2.05 - new: ability to backup/restore projects
 2.04 - new: updated default blog comments (makes more use of %blog_title%)
 2.03 - new: improved processing speed a bit
 2.02 - fix: another small issue with PR cash fixed
 2.01 - fix: yahoo doesn't seem to support link: anymore so it is not using 
             that if existing in search
 2.00 - new: more useful output in log
      - fix: captchasniper was started twice sometimes
 1.99 - new: improved a lot engines
      - new: added mvnforum engine (profile creation only for now)
      - new: better verification speed
 1.98 - new: project will quit quicker (before waited to long for threads)
      - new: engine description improved (hold mouse on engine to see additinal information)
 1.97 - new: improved some engines
 1.96 - fix: minor bug with link checking fixed
      - fix: minor bug with veriable extraction fixed (e.g. when you 
             used %meta_keyword% in blog comments)
 1.95 - fix: bug in TEST from 2-minutes-ago-build fixed (sorry)
 1.94 - fix: some engines only support [URL][/URL] instead of [URL=..]anchor text[/URL]
             By the way, you can use html in all fields if you want. Just that it gets 
             converted to BBCode or gets removed when an engine doesn't support it.
      - fix: checking/unchecking proxies by hand didn't get saved sometimes
      - new: TEST in project settings now also replaces variables in variables. 
             E.g. things like <a href="%url%">%anchor_text%</a> get replaced by 
             there variable conents.
 1.93 - new: improved gui a bit
      - new: ability to use popup mnu with options on keyword tool
 1.92 - new: country icons added to proxy form and search engines
 1.91 - fix: minor bug from previous release (2 minutes ago)
 1.90 - new: option "Also analyse and post to competitors backlinks"
             This will do a normal keyword search, extract URLs, and see where 
             these domains have backlinks on.
      - new: improved blog engines
      - new: improved search engines dat file
 1.89 - new: root URLs of blog engines will get resolved to a proper post with comment form
      - new: export of URLs in format "URL|PR"
      - new: ability to delete entries from verified URLs
      - new: ability to remove Target URLs from projects
 1.88 - new: blog engine "BlogSpot" added (not that usefull though as all links are nofollow)
      - new: ability to specify timeout for html downloads (30seconds default)
      - new: improved blog engines
      - fix: minor bug in log output
 1.87 - new: improved speed (url filter is checked before download whenever possible)
      - fix: re-verify is not asking to remove invalid URLs if all is OK
      - fix: minor bug with script engine (though no engine made use of that command so far)
 1.86 - new: ability to specify how many times to resend a captcha to service if it fails
             (with new captcha and not the same one of course)
 1.85 - fix: pixelpost engine used random names instead of the anchor text
 1.84 - new: ability to re-verify submissions (popup menu on project->show URLs->Verified)
      - new: added one new guestbook again (thanks to the anonymous contributor!)
 1.83 - fix: Some people reported that CaptchaSniper is crashing when to many 
             captchas get sent at once. Not really our problem, but the latest
             version sends only one captcha at a time.
 1.82 - fix: minor bug in new spin-engine fixed (could freez if spin syntax was not correctly used)
 1.81 - new: improved blog engines
      - new: improved spintext speed
      - new: removed some not working search engines and added some new
      - fix: default blog comments had a minor bug which could result in an empty 
             comment (rarely happened)
 1.80 - new: 2 new engines added (now I really can't find any more guestbooks.
             If you can, make a script and send it in.)
      - new: An almost instant verification is done if your linked URL was
             seen at submission
 1.79 - new: ability to use captchasniper as 1st option and another 
             captcha solver as backup (or deathbycaptcha as 1st and decaptcha as 2nd)
      - new: improved some engines
      - fix: captchasniper was not working when proxies got used
 1.78 - new: 8 new engines added
      - new: Captcha Sniper support (still untested but should work)
      - new: first link verification is now done 10 minutes after submission
 1.77 - new: 15 new engines added (guestbooks, image comments)
      - new: improved speed a bit again
 1.76 - new: support for target import with "URL|PR" format
      - new: added two new engines
 1.75 - new: again one new engine
      - fix: gui bug with captcha setting
      - new: project options enable/disable gui improved
 1.74 - new: improved html conversion to bbs code
      - new: added 4 new engines
 1.73 - new: 4 new engines added (guestbooks)
 1.72 - fix: captcha service provider was not saved on exit (please check settings!)
 1.71 - new: ability to import data in skip lists
      - new: ability to import new keywords within KeywordTool
      - new: improved speed a bit
 1.70 - fix: minor bug with random form variables
 1.69 - new: ability to rename projects
      - new: guestbook engine AkoBook
      - new: improved blog and trackback engine a bit
 1.68 - new: added two more captcha services
      - new: option to not ask user for captcas if service fails
 1.67 - new: icons of engines in "Show URLs" and "Verified URLs"
      - new: option to check PR against site instead of domain
      - fix: Test didn't show correct anchor text and URL if the syntax from 1.66 was used
 1.66 - new: proxy import will also import login/password if format is 
             login:[email protected]:port
      - new: option to stop submission after XX verified links for YY minutes
      - new: captchas/custom mode queries are opened in queue
      - new: improved blog submission a bit
      - new: ability to duplicate a project
      - new: It's now possible to define an anchor text for each url if more than 
             one is used by a project. The syntax is like this:

               { development, seo tools|
       verification software,verify emails|

 1.65 - new: speed improved (no wait between verification and submission)
      - new: improved blog engine
 1.64 - fix: minor mem leak fixed
 1.63 - new: speed again
 1.62 - fix: minor bugs from yesterdays build
      - new: should run even faster now
 1.61 - fix: statistic bug (sorry)
 1.60 - new: improved last version a bit (less cpu usage)
 1.59 - new: much faster due to threads (setting in options) getting splitted globally
             previously there was one for submissions and 3 to verify for each project
 1.58 - new: much lower cpu usage (useless waiting loop)
 1.57 - new: link extraction improved (could have freezed program for a while 
             on really huge sites with a lot links)
 1.56 - fix: bug with private proxy testing
      - new: improved blog engines again a bit
 1.55 - fix: gui was placed wrong on some systems
      - new: if a project has more than one URL it is displayed in hint
      - fix: demo popup could influence the gui behaviour on modal forms
      - new: custom mode improved
      - fix: TEST showed incorrect URLs when more than one have been used
 1.54 - new: Custom Mode - The program gives you the chance to alter certain 
             data before a submission. It is also showing the URL, Title and 
             Content so that you can e.g. quickly write unique comments for a 
             page rather than using the default one
      - new: docu updated
      - new: improved engines
 1.53 - new: improved blog engines again
      - fix: minor bug with <button> extraction (hardly used anyway)
 1.52 - new: improved blog engines
      - fix: bug with refresh http header and POST
 1.51 - new: ability to use more than one URL for a project
 1.50 - new: improved blog engine
      - new: added ZenPhoto engine
 1.49 - fix: minor bug in verification url generation
      - new: new guestbook engine
      - new: improved blog engines
      - new: improved log output with AVG statistics
 1.48 - new: improved log output
      - new: improved blog engines
 1.47 - new: pingback engine (though not really usefull, see it as a sample script)
      - new: improved trackback engine and a few others
      - fix: adding private proxies is now working again
 1.46 - fix: decapther dns change
 1.45 - new: better log colours
      - new: improved guest book engines
 1.44 - new: improved download speed
      - new: guestbook engines improved
 1.43 - new: improved speed
      - new: a lot engines improved
      - fix: no double post on unknown submission status
 1.42 - fix: minor bug fix on engine selection
      - new: improved engine-match system
      - new: improved a lot engines
      - new: log window with better colours
 1.41 - fix: one stupid loop bug
      - new: added 2 new engines
      - new: improved general blog system which should now support almost any blog system
 1.40 - fix: some engines got mixed due to same match score
 1.39 - new: 3 new engines added
      - new: improved checks and log output
      - new: warning when no search engine is checked
 1.38 - new: improved engines again
      - new: improved submission speed
 1.37 - new: better project managemant
      - new: added some more engines
      - new: improved some engines
      - fix: minor bug in "modify url" script parameter
 1.36 - new: 11 new submission engines added (guestbooks and image galleries)
 1.35 - new: improved captcha finding
      - new: many new submission engines added
      - new: many new scripting functions added
 1.34 - new: improved google search with time-frame parameters
      - new: GuestBook submission (might need some more testing to be more generic)
 1.33 - new: option to automatically call GSA SEO Indexer with verified URL
 1.32 - fix: bug in form extraction fixed (captcha url finder)
 1.31 - fix: minor bug in gui fixed
 1.30 - new: improved trackback module
      - new: DirecoryScript module that allowes you to submit to one special 
             website directory (though I don't know the name of that script)
      - new: improved speed
 1.29 - fix: bug with to big websites (several MB)
 1.28 - new: trackback submission (disabled by default)
      - new: option to skip nofollow backlink creation
 1.27 - new: project data is better validated before save
 1.26 - new: improved blog submssion module (javascript simulator)
      - new: manual update check
 1.25 - new: improved verification
      - new: improved docu
      - new: added a lot more default ping urls
      - new: improved default blog comments
      - fix: log output of one filter was wrong (just visual)
      - new: added 3 new search engines (google clones without ip ban)
 1.24 - new: uses less memory
      - new: usage of blog variables like %meta_keyword% or %blog_title% in comments
 1.23 - new: spinconverter
      - new: added a docu
 1.22 - new: added decaptcher support
      - new: improved gui (buttons for filter boxes)
 1.21 - new: improved submission speed a bit
 1.20 - new: first public release



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