SliQ Submitter Plus Best Auto Subbmitter


Automated Backlink Diversity with the Sick Submitter

With Sick Submitter you get a Forum Profile Submitter, Bookmark Submitter, Directory Submitter, RSS Submitter and Article Submitter all in one easy to use tool.

What you don’t get is a bunch of “Guru” hype or the high prices that accompany that hype. We do not pretend to know it all and we offer you an active support forum to help you get started and help you grow in your online marketing endeavors. Also, all of our updates are voted on by the actual users of Sick Submitter in the Sick Marketing ideas section so your voice is always heard.


Profile Submitter
Directory Submitter
Bookmark Submitter
Up to 30 threads at once
Links for ALL your sites (Unlimited Links)
Abilty to create your own Link Packets with a Simple Wizard
Automatically Inserts your Targeted Link
Abilty to code your own Templates for different platforms
Full Link Creation Report
Article Submitter
RSS Submitter
One-Touch Email Confirmation and Validation
The Best Spinner integration
Automatic Captcha Breaking with your DeathByCaptcha (Only $1.75 per
1000 Captchas), Decaptcher (Only $2.00 per 1000 Captchas), Bypass
Captcha or Beat Captchas account.
One-Touch Pinging of Created Profiles
Full Tracking of all Created URLs
Harvest, test and rotate publicly available proxies


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